A hot kirchweih weekend despite the rain

A hot kirchweih weekend despite the rain

The bergkirchweih started its second weekend with cool temperatures. Towards evening, a strong flow towards the cellar could be detected and the mountain was well attended.

The focus of the operation was in the city. On the mountain two young people attracted attention, who were handed over to their parents with almost 2 per mille. Three theft offenses were reported to the police. A suspect could be arrested. The victim noticed the intention. A 21-year-old tried to pull the wallet out of his pocket in the toilet. The security service at the mountain observed a quarrel, intervened in time and was able to prevent the brawl.

In the aftermath of the mountain occurred in the city area four body injuries. A discotheque visitor was bitten in the nose. A 23-year-old stopped a departing cab driver. An argument ensued. He grabbed the driver by the neck and hit him in the face. In the course of the search, the suspected perpetrator of the crime was arrested. Six helpless persons had to be brought to the rescue service. Two "wildpinklers" are brought to the report. In one case it came to the quarrel with subsequent bodily injury

Two youths attacked security guards
With again cool temperatures and rainy weather the mountain came also at the otherwise public-strong 2. Kirchweih-saturday not quite up to speed. The broadcast of the CL-final was certainly also responsible for that. In the early evening the cellars were only to ca. 80 percent fulfilled. From ca. 19.00 o'clock recognizable migratory movements began.

A "so-called fubball fan" made an unpleasant impression on several cellars. He sought massive quarrels with other visitors. To prevent an imminent escalation, the provocateur with 2.22 per mille was taken into custody and smoked out. There were no further incidents in connection with the soccer final.

When a member of the security service tried to settle a shoving match between young people, he was attacked by the two 15-year-olds together. One of the suspects (1.62 per mille) jumped into the 23-year-old's back. There were no initial injuries. Parents were able to pick her up at the mountain station.

Dangerous bodily injury in the area of the arcades
On the way to the train station, two visitors from the bayreuth area got into an altercation with a visitor from the habberge district after a jostle. On the bridge over the schwabach he was allegedly beaten and kicked by them. After a short treatment at the rescue service on the mountain guard, he could still visit the mountain slightly charged.

A verbal dispute with a starting point in berggelande ended in the area of the arcades with a dangerous bodily injury. The three suspects, aged 16 – 17 years, accidentally met the victim there. This waited at 01:45 o'clock for his girlfriend, who wanted to pick him up. The three attacked him with punches and kicks and could be arrested during the execution of the crime. After the last bodily injury shortly before 6:00 a.M., calm slowly returned to the city center.


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