A look at over 600 years old wood

A look at over 600 years old wood

Normally, the roof truss of the historic town hall in dettelbach is not open to the public. The situation is different on the open day of the monument, when 50 interested people, including a good third from dettelbach, took advantage of the opportunity to not only look at the roof truss, but also to explain how much they love it. Christine konrad, architect and town planner, and lothar hartlieb, master carpenter and restorer, pointed out the special features of the roof truss to their audience. The roof is designed as a rafter roof, and about 600 cubic meters of wood were used to build it. Records from the town hall had shown that the roof truss was built in 1510, "and the wood used for it was already 120 to 130 years old at the time of the impact," hartlieb reported. He explained the construction of the roof, and konrad pointed out the rafters in particular. "Because the roof was so peaked, a second separate attic was also installed at that time."For a good hour and a half, konrad and hartlieb led their listeners through the historic town hall. You can read a detailed report on the open day of monuments in dettelbach in tomorrow’s edition.


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