A pinch of error is part of the journey

A pinch of error is part of the journey

With the competence weeks 2020, the "makers" want to the health region plus wants to contribute to the well-being of the citizens in the district of kulmbach. The interest at the start was great, not least because a prominent person, alexander herrmann, had confirmed his coming.

The star chef from wirsberg did not conjure up a three-course menu on the table, however, but rather presented himself with his contribution "a pinch of error please"!" Showed a completely different side: sometimes talkative, sometimes funny and always charming.

Health region plus received high praise from health scientist annette scheder, who is also head of the health department of the bavarian health insurance fund (aok): "i think it’s great that you’ve joined this partner process, i think it’s great that you’re dedicating yourself to the current topic of health literacy, and i think it’s excellent that i already have the impression that you’re working together across departments in your district."

"Very good content"

District administrator klaus peter sollner () opened the health literacy weeks with a heartfelt thank you to the protagonists annekatrin butterich, peter muller, souzan nicholsen and laura pytlik. "Our employees have provided very good contents." Health is the most important good, so it is good to focus on preventive care and launch initiatives.

With the signing of a certificate, the cooperation with the state office for health and food safety in the partner process "health for all" was officially started documented. Iris grimm, the state’s health equity officer, said the goals are to promote healthy living for people of all ages and to help communities build and implement integrated strategies. The existing knowledge and resources should also be made visible and accessible nationwide. Grimm wished the county a successful start to the partner process. He is the 20. Partners committed to the "health for all" process anschliebe.

Annekatrin butterich answered her own question as to why these health literacy weeks were initiated: "because the equal health opportunities of our citizens are close to our hearts and we also want to network in this area." Other counties have already set a good example, so you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel, butterich said.

Alexander herrmann came up with the age-old thesis that one should not make any mistakes in life. "Excellence or improvement can only be achieved by understanding that a mistake is part of the journey."

The first step to help

For the star chef, the first step in getting help is to see that he is willing to make mistakes. And for herrmann, this applies to all areas of life, especially to health. Naturally, his findings from his professional environment and the starry kitchen, where mistakes are quite normal, were particularly interesting. His credo: "there is nothing good without mistakes, mistakes are part of it, but we were measured by mistakes from the first class." But it is also necessary to learn to accept the mistake.

Annette scheder first dealt with the definition of health literacy. This is understood to mean the knowledge, motivation and ability to locate, assess and use relevant information in order to maintain health, to secure the necessary support from the healthcare system in the event of illness or to participate cooperatively in treatment and care and to make the necessary decisions in this regard. "Health literacy affects everyone in society from an early age and continues to have an impact into old age. The development of health literacy must be perceived as a task for society as a whole."

The speaker also pointed out why this competence is becoming more and more important. It was interesting to hear her say that 54.3 percent of germans have limited health literacy.

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