Actor wolfgang winkler died

actor wolfgang winkler died

There are actors who merge with their parade roles – at least for television viewers. For wolfgang winkler, this was the role as the mustachioed and shirt-armed ARD investigator herbert schneider in "polizeiruf 110" from halle.

For 17 years, winkler set traps alongside jaecki schwarz as hubert schmucke at prime sunday crime time and entertained an audience of millions. At the time, the native of gorlitz and trained locomotive driver was also addressed on the street as a tailor.

Now wolfgang winkler has died at the age of 76. Jaecki schwarz confirmed this to the german press agency on sunday. His close friend died a few days ago, said schwarz. He received a message from winkler’s family shortly after the death.

Winkler and schwarz investigated exactly 50 "polizeiruf" traps. In 2013, shortly before winkler’s 70th birthday. On his 60th birthday, the two had to say goodbye to their series characters, but remained closely connected to each other.

It is another of winkler’s pioneers who first announces his death: matthias brenner, who is known to television viewers as the forensic pathologist dr. Katzmann, known from the bremen "tatort", makes his mourning public on facebook on saturday evening. He is upset and moved, he writes. "Such a wonderful person, who was important and dear to me all my professional life!"

Brenner is the acting director in halle – and thus in the city where winkler not only worked as a TV commissioner, but also stood on the theater stage both before and after german unification. He learned of winkler’s death from a friend, says brenner on sunday. He has not yet spoken to his family. "I knew he was very ill, but the timing was always surprising."

The halle theater is thinking about how it can replace winkler, brenner continues. "He still had ties to halle, his son lives here, his daughter nearby in merseburg.Winkler himself last lived with his wife marina in berlin – and slipped back into the role of the tv investigator after the "polizeiruf" ara. Until this year, he could be seen in "pensionercops" on ARD’s "vorabend". It was only in april that the series makers announced winkler’s departure.

He was drawn to acting at an early age, winkler said shortly before his 75th birthday. Birthday in an interview with "superillu. For the sake of his family, he did an apprenticeship as a locomotive driver. "My grandparents, with whom i grew up, were afraid that i would end up in that milieu I got off on the wrong track," he said. "But if you have the desire to act, the lokfuhrer can’t keep up."

Winkler eventually moved to the babelsberg film academy, and in 1965 he starred in "das kaninchen bin ich" (the rabbit is me). The DEFA film was banned because of its critical view of the relationship between justice and politics in the GDR. This ban had given him a jolt, but not yet any doubts, winkler told the newspaper further. "I was brought up politically like this. Grandfather was in a concentration camp, mother in the party."

In the GDR, he starred in "das pferdemadchen," among others. After german reunification, he appeared in the sat1 series "kurklinik rosenau" and "schloss einstein," for example. And just now as commissar schneider in "polizeiruf" (police call). He and his film partner not only shared the name herbert of their two investigator characters in the series. They also insisted on a common dressing room, where they read the newspaper together, as book author andreas kurtz once noted. Pet names have also been handed down: "mausi" and "dicker. Mitteldeutscher rundfunk is now bringing them back to the screen to commemorate wolfgang winkler: on monday evening, a case of schmucke and schneider from halle will be shown.


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