Alternative to sweaters and hot water bottles

Alternative to sweaters and hot water bottles

Winter is just around the corner. The heating period has begun. "Right now, it is very important to keep energy consumption in mind", master plumber ulrich obmann explains that you should only turn up the heating as far as is absolutely necessary. "Lowering the room temperature by just one degree celsius results in a six percent reduction in heating costs," explains ulrich obmann, according to the expert. "Cooling down to 16 to 18 degrees overnight in the living area can easily save 20 to 30 percent energy. If the heating system does not automatically lower the temperature at night, programmable thermostats screwed onto the valve of the heating unit can help", explains ulrich obmann.

Sitting in the apartment with a wool sweater and a hot water bottle – is this what winters will look like in the future?? With energy prices rising steadily, it seems that heating will soon become a luxury for some people. Energy costs are at record levels: each liter of heating oil and each cubic meter of gas costs about 50 cents and pollutes the environment with about 2.6 kilograms of CO2. "If you heat and ventilate consciously, you almost automatically reduce your heating costs, according to chairman.
Alternatives to oil and gas exist, master obmann points out. But here, too, it is important to consider how long it will take for a new system, i.E. A conversion, to pay for itself.

Independent of oil and gas
The beginning of the heating season makes many homeowners think about how to become independent of oil and gas for heating. Energy experts predict further cost increases in the coming years as global oil and gas reserves slowly run out. Many homeowners therefore want to break away from the price development of fossil fuels, but environmental protection aspects also often play a role in the considerations.

Rougher cost constraints
The replacement of the heating system is usually associated with a higher cost and only brings savings in the long term. "But if you are planning to renovate, replace the heating system or build a new house, you should consider renewable energy and good insulation", according to obmann. There are many ways to use renewable energy, the expert points out. In addition to solar and wind energy, there are pellet and woodchip heating systems or air-source heat pumps.

"The use of ambient air as a heat source is a particularly uncomplicated solution. No official permits are required, the cost of the development is low: the system is "installed" quickly, explains ulrich obmann and continues: "the air heat pump is inconspicuous, but it has an effective effect on the inside. And energy efficient with low noise generation. The system guarantees constant heating comfort in all weather conditions".

Heating with boiling stones
Zeolite, a greek-derived term that translates as boiling stone, promises a new way to heat cost-effectively and in an environmentally conscious manner. It is a naturally occurring, environmentally compatible mineral that attracts water like a sponge, releasing considerable amounts of heat in the process. Ulrich obmann is enthusiastic about this new heating option.

A zeolite gas heat pump has been developed that can harness the minerals' heat for the first time in buildings. The dry zeolite traps steam in its pores and heats up strongly in the process. The resulting warm is used for heating. "The main advantage of the zeolite pump is that it can save 35 percent of energy and as many percent of carbon dioxide emissions, even compared to modern condensing heating technology.", the expert points out.


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