Always loyal to the homeland

At 79, erich rolling is just eleven years younger than the oehrberger arbeiter- und heimatverein, which was founded in 1923. As early as 1934, the year of rolling's birth, the traditional club, which was first called "germania vorwarts the catholic workers' association, which was then forcibly dissolved by the rulers of the time.
The association was founded in the early twenties, when it was difficult for many people from oehrberg to find work in their homeland earning a daily bread. Many of them were forced to work in foreign countries. Most of them went to neighboring hesse, to the brickworks around the up-and-coming main metropolis of frankfurt, or to rough farms in the wetterau region, where they earned money as seasonal workers.

Clinging to the faith
This is how people love to be rooted in their native "scholle", to which one wanted to remain faithful, and that feeling of togetherness in a foreign country, under different people and different working conditions, the catholic workers' association oehrberg comes into being. Human interaction in the daily work and an adherence to the traditional beliefs and customs of the fathers was the basic idea, and since this association replaced unions and works councils at that time, it was a thorn in the eye of some, so that it was dissolved in 1934.
On 3. January 1950, the then 18 still living members of the former catholic workers' association got together and re-founded the association. Erich rolling's father, who was present in 1934 when the banned flag of the association was hidden, was also present. So it was clear for his son erich that he too would join the workers' association, that was in 1956.

Future with new goals
Through the economic upswing in the 1960s also offered sufficient opportunities for earning money in and around oehrberg, so that the popularity and club activities developed rapidly. In order to counteract this, the association was renamed in 1993 to "arbeiter- und heimatverein" (workers and home association) and today has again almost 80 members, who dedicate themselves above all to the preservation of the village. Various decorative fountain constructions, wayside shrines, funeral plaques, but above all the decoration of the fountains at easter and christmas, are the main tasks of the association today, in addition to the installation of benches, explained chairman egon kebler, before he, together with patron emil muller, honored longstanding members.

Honored for 25 years with the oehrberg workers' and local history association: rosita ruttinger, margot metz, egon metz, otto knuttel, manfred markard, roland markart and hans-erwin markart. For 40 years rudi bethke, hubert markart, rainer metz, eckard rolling, hilmar sell and otmar straub, for 50 years manfred geiberger, who was also appointed honorary chairman, as well as reinhard geiberger and siegmund schlereth.


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