Apple to pay half a billion dollars for 4g patents

Apple to pay half a billion dollars for 4g patents

A court in texas has ordered apple to pay a good half a billion us dollars for the use of 4G patents in the iphone and other devices.

The jury in the city of marshall considered it proven that apple had infringed five patents of the company optis wireless technology. The iphone group immediately announced its intention to appeal.

The amount, set at 506.2 million dollars, may be even higher: the jury found that apple had deliberately infringed the patents. With this the judge can triple the sum.

"Such lawsuits by companies that accumulate patents in order to bully the industry only serve to stifle innovation and harm consumers," criticized apple.

4G, also known as LTE in germany, is currently the most widespread technology for high-speed data transmission in mobile communications.

In texas, the company had already been ordered by a jury to pay $503 million to the company virnetx for the use of patents. But an appeals court found fault with the calculation of the amount and ordered a new trial to begin in the fall.


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