Arbitrator’s fees cause additional costs

Arbitrator's fees cause additional costs

The vote of the district league officials in the steinbacher sportheim was actually clear. With 10:6 votes they had spoken out at the beginning of july against the introduction of referee harnesses in their division. It did not help, because since this series, the games of the kronach district league are also led by one referee and two assistants.

Clubs surprised
this came more or less as a surprise to the clubs concerned, because they had not been informed about it in advance by the association or by district match director helmut dinkel. Only on the internet, a few days before, on the homepage of the bavarian fubball association, it could be seen that for the first match day there would be a team of referees.

Few people had expected this, because paragraph 34, subsection 5 of the playing rules actually states clearly: "in compulsory matches in the district league, decisions are taken on suggestion of the district committee the clubs of this play class by the majority, whether here tensions come to the employment ", it says literally. The decision of the 16 clubs from the kronach district league, which had voted 10:6 against the braces, was equally clear.

The fact that this vote was actually no longer necessary and that even a 16:0 vote would not have changed anything about the implementation caused a great deal of displeasure and incomprehension, not only at the meeting itself, but also afterwards. One day before the meeting in steinbach, the representatives of the coburg district league had voted 16:0 in favor of the introduction of divisions in their division.

According to egon grunbeck, the head of the playing group, grit labahn, head of the social/legal department at the BFV, had decided that not every class should be the vote was not allowed, but that the votes of both district leagues of a playing district had to be paid together. This resulted in a total score of 22:10. But even a stalemate of 16:16 meant that in the future the game would be played with tensions.

Objection rejected
FC gehulz lodged an objection after the working meeting, but this was rejected first by the district match director and then also by the district match committee as unfounded. For FC gehulz this meant fees of 40 euros, which must be paid to the association.

The 16 district league teams have to pay considerably more in referee costs. Norbert schulein, who has been in charge of the cost pool for years, reckons with additional expenses of 450 to 500 euros per season. Finally, each assistant can claim twelve euros for expenses and additional (but limited) travel expenses.

"From this money", one club representative calculated that "we could pay the referees for our A and C juniors for a year." Well aware that the number of spectators and thus the income from the sports fields is declining, which is also pointed out by leonhard welscher, chairman of TSV neukenroth. "With the money that we will have to pay for the referees in the future, we could pay for the entire cost of our sports facility for one month or pay for our electricity for two and a half months."

The first experiences with the teams are quite controversial, as some reporters have reported. "Until the half-time whistle only one of the referee assistants with his impossible offside decisions caused a lot of excitement in the stands", it was about. But also: "the referee team offered an impeccable performance." And finally:"…Whether a team is needed, however, remains questionable."

The teams, especially the assistants, are closely scrutinized, especially in the early stages of the season. Leonhard welscher has already noticed this and noted "that even from spectators of the clubs who voted for the margins, partly clear criticism was made of the line judges".

Confidence among managers
The fact that the use in tensions is a good possibility to gain experience especially for the young referees was mentioned by the responsible persons as a main reason to push this step. And almost all the umpires in the district had been very confident in advance that they could provide enough impartial. After all, 16 referees are now additionally required as assistants per matchday for the kronach district league alone. "This is the 8. League; is it really necessary?", is the rhetorical question of the neukenrother chairman.

Whether the obmanner can also keep their promise, seems at least questionable. Already, older referees have to be called to the sidelines, as the first divisions show. Bottlenecks will be unavoidable at the latest when the youth games have to be filled in a few weeks too. Quite a few active players will have to decide whether they would rather play or whistle, including leonhard welscher, who fears that one or the other will decide to whistle and then drop out as an active player.

The criticism, especially of the assistants, has already led to the first reports that the district sports court will have to deal with, as its chairman siegfried baier confirmed on request. He appeals to spectators and those responsible for more prudence. "The decision has been made, and now everyone should be sensible about it!" Above all, it should be remembered that mistakes are made not only in the lower divisions, but also in the bundesliga, he said, referring to the goal that was scored in regulation but not given on saturday in the match between TSG 1899 hoffenheim and 1. FC nurnberg.


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