Bavaria’s interior minister buries harsh verdict on riots at bamberg anchor center

Bavaria's interior minister buries harsh verdict on riots at bamberg anchor center

Starr stands the 23-year-old E. Alongside his bamberg defender oliver teichmann. The rather short young man from eritrea has his long hair tied back – in contrast to the other days of the trial, his eyes are not covered by his beams. He stares into space as presiding judge markus reznik announces the verdicts of the juvenile division of the bamberg regional court in the trial against a total of four eritreans for rioting at the anchor center.

For the court it is out of the question that E. Next to his 26-year-old compatriot F. He was the one who started the fire in the night of the 11. December 2018 had laid in the apartment in block 7 of the anchor center. And did not end the riots even after the police asked him to.

In the fire in the apartment, 15 residents suffered smoke poisoning, one had to save himself from the balcony and was slightly injured. Many had reported fear of death. There was property damage of 135.000 euros were generated.

E. Must now spend nine and a half years behind bars. Also for injuring a police officer by throwing a roll of aluminum foil weighing more than one kilogram at his head. Prosecutor andre libischer had demanded a prison sentence of ten years. Defense attorney teichmann, on the other hand, expressed doubts in his plea as to whether his client could be held responsible for the fire.

In the end, the verdict in the case of particularly aggravated arson was based primarily on the testimony of the co-defendant O. This one had stated to have hidden first under a bed, then in a cupboard. From there, he observed, E. Has rounded a mattress. The court held O. On the basis of other evidence that confirmed his statements, for credible. Moreover, he had not been incriminated by anyone, O. Was therefore also acquitted on all charges.

For the accused F. The chamber ordered placement in a psychiatric hospital. At the time of the crime he was not able to drive due to a brain organic change under the influence of alcohol with almost two per mille. He is said to have been the most aggressive, had also attacked the police officers with paving stones.

Video as central evidence

The throwing of objects at police officers by E. And F. As well as the then heavily intoxicated 28 year old S., who has to go to jail for one year and nine months, were easier to prove than the arson: there is a video of the police from the night, which prosecutor libischer and presiding judge reznik praised. This was the central evidence. "The video sequences also leave us stunned by the senseless violence that was used here and the fear of death in which the residents tried to save their lives", said reznik.

The riots occurred after an argument between the eritrean residents and the security guards over loud music. The court ruled out any misconduct on the part of the security staff or the police.

Minister of the interior

In the evening, bavaria’s interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU) spoke out: "especially the harsh sentence against the leader of the riot is a clear sign that such unspeakable behavior has clear consequences in our constitutional state.", he emphasized after the sentences, some of which are not yet legally valid. "We will use all legal means to enforce the deportation of these violent criminals. In the case of offenders sentenced to prison, of course, only after they have served a sufficient portion of their sentence and the public prosecutor’s office has given its consent", according to the minister more. A fifth accomplice had already been repatriated to italy under the dublin procedure. "Our task force at the bavarian state office for asylum and resettlement, which specializes in rioters and criminals, will keep a close eye on the manner until then."

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