Child benefit and co.: with these payments the state supports the families

child benefit and co.: with these payments the state supports the families

Child benefit the application for the allowance is made by the parents. Step-parents, adoptive parents and foster parents can also claim child benefit if the child lives with them. For the first and second child, parents each receive 194 euros per month. For the third child 200 euro and for the fourth and each further child 225 euro per month. They receive it until the 18. Age of the offspring. If the child does not have a job until the age of 21. The child is entitled to the allowance up to the age of 25 and if it is in education up to the age of 25. Year of life. For children with a disability who cannot support themselves, the child benefit is unlimited.

Child supplement for parents with low incomes a maximum supplement of 170 euros per month per child is paid to parents who are able to support themselves but not their children. Together with the child benefit, this is supposed to represent the basic needs. Housing subsidies, as well as cash and non-cash benefits for education and participation can also be applied for. Recipients of unemployment benefit II, on the other hand, do not receive this child supplement. The minimum income for couples must be 900 euros gross and for single parents 600 euros gross. The application for the child supplement must be made in writing to the local family benefits office.

Parental allowance/parental benefit plus if parents reduce their working hours in order to care for their offspring during the first twelve months of life, they are supported by the state with a percentage of the net wage between 300 and 1800 euro. If both parents claim parental allowance, the time is extended to 14 months. In addition, there is the possibility of a sibling bonus of ten percent of the parental allowance, with a minimum of 75 euros. The parental allowance plus allows the parental allowance to be doubled or tripled if one or both parents work between 25 and 30 hours per week. All in all, such a state challenge is possible over three years.

Building child benefit families receive 1,200 euros per year per child over a maximum period of ten years if they purchase residential property or submit a building application for a new building. The application deadline is currently set for a period between 1 january and 31 december 2009. January 2018 and the 31. December 2020 set. It is expected that from august 2018 applications can also be submitted retroactively until the beginning of the year.


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