City of kulmbach receives the wood award

City of kulmbach receives the wood award

Oberburg champion henry schramm and forster carmen hombach were delighted. "This is also a small recognition that our commitment is appreciated", the city forester was delighted.

Oberburg mayor henry schramm emphasized that kulmbach has 300 hectares of municipal forest and another 300 hectares of forestland near marktschorgast. "We have invested a lot of money and work in the forests over the last few years", so the upper burgermeister. The forest nature trail on the rehberg was considered one of the most outstanding projects. It is four kilometers long and is a treat for young and old alike. Because the nature trail allows visitors to experience the forest in all its facets. 22 stations are set up – a jumping pit, in which one can compare one's own jumping power with the jumping power of various animals, a barefoot path complete the stations.

But it's not just on the rehberg that a lot has changed, says schramm, and the trim trail is also being redesigned. So he gets a hat with a seating area. Currently, the nordic walking trails are being certified, explained schramm. "The prize is an incentive for us to continue working in this area", explained the mayor of kulmbach.


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