Confession in the online car purchase fraud trial

Confession in the online car purchase fraud trial

"I deeply regret what I did," said the 41-year-old before the regional court in munich. He wants to apologize above all for having dragged his life into the affair. What he is accused of is largely true.

In a statement read out by his lawyer, the father of two children, who has several criminal convictions, justified the gross fraud with fake car dealers with money worries and high debts. He had fallen into the clutches of "dusseldorf investment fraudsters" who demanded money from him and threatened him and his family with violence. "Rockers from essen" had also caused him problems. He also says he regularly used cocaine to cope with financial pressure.

Because of his involvement in the investment fraud, he had assumed that he would end up in prison again sooner or later. "I have stood at a fork in the road in my life," the declaration read. "I lost all scruples and inhibitions."His life’s companion in the dock didn’t know "what she was doing".

A total of five defendants are on trial in the case as alleged fraudsters, because they are said to have cheated their victims out of a total of more than one million euros, mainly by using non-existent car dealerships on the internet. In bavaria, hesse and saxony, they are said to have been up to mischief, tricking people online into transferring lots of money for cars that never existed.


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