Dfb: academy vote, regional league reform and lahm honor

Dfb: academy vote, regional league reform and lahm honor

At the extraordinary bundestag on friday, the delegates of the german soccer association set the course for drastic changes at the world’s largest sports association.

With the yes to the long-delayed construction of the academy, the association wants to move into new times. After much wrangling, a consensus is also expected to be reached on the rules governing promotion to the 3. League for at least two years. As with the regular bundestag a year ago, a world champion will again be granted a special honor.

ACADEMY: it was the actual reason for convening an extraordinary bundestag: because costs have once again risen immensely, the DFB’s top management wants to have the construction of the academy approved. For years, the previous race track operator has been able to delay this prestigious project. From the DFB’s point of view, the decision on the construction of the up to 150 million euro performance and administration center on the land of the frankfurt racecourse is now finally on the agenda. DFB leadership firmly expects overwhelming approval.

REGIONAL LEAGUE: after hours of preliminary discussions, the officials from the 21 regional associations have decided that the planned reform of the regional league for promotion to the 3rd division will fail. League still prevented. Accordingly, in the 2018/19 and 2019/20 seasons, there will be four instead of three promoted teams from the five regional leagues. A direct right of promotion will be granted to the champion of the sudwest regional league in both seasons. The champions of the other leagues will be granted this right only once and will have to go through a playoff once. Approval of the consensus model by the bundestag is considered certain. A long-term solution is to be worked out by the bundestag in 2019.

BASIC CONTRACT: THE COOPERATION PAPER BETWEEN THE DFB AND DFL STILL NEEDS TO BE ADJUSTED. In essence, the secondment of national players is about marketing agreements between the clubs and the umbrella organization. The clubs do not want their stars to advertise with the DFB for their sponsors’ competing products – a complicated matter, but approval by the delegates is considered a matter of form.

LAHM: great honor for the former bavaria pro. Philipp lahm becomes the sixth former national player to be named honorary captain of the national soccer team. This honor was previously only bestowed on fritz walter, uwe seeler, franz beckenbauer, lothar matthaus and, at the last national convention in erfurt in 2016, jurgen klinsmann. Lahm simultaneously takes on a promotion job for the DFB and acts as euro ambassador for germany’s 2024 european championship candidacy.


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