Dog excrement can be expensive

Dog excrement can be expensive

Marco straub goes for a walk. He has a plastic bag attached to the leash. He needs it in case his dog does a rough job. For marco straub a matter of course. Like many other dog owners. But unfortunately not for all.

It is a never ending story. For decades there has been trouble in munnerstadt with dog excrement, or better, with people who do not clean up the mess left by their four-legged friends. The city has already reacted and set up some so-called dog toilets, i.E. Stations where clean plastic bags can be taken out and the full bags can also be disposed of. That hardly helped. At the moment it seems worse than ever, which was already a topic in the city council.

Flag in the pile

"The dog is the friend of the people", says mayor helmut blank. It is the responsibility of the owner to take care of the animals, but also of what they leave behind. "I am mainly concerned about the "old town", he says. There has already been an action of the kindergarten, where each dog poop was marked with a flag, in order to clarify the drastic situation. None of this was of much use, sums up helmut blank

Helmut blank spontaneously reaches into his pocket and pulls out a black plastic bag. "I have a dog myself and always have a tute with me." He shows how to use it to dispose of a dog pile. "It’s the easiest thing in the world." But not for all. Only recently a munnerstadter has contacted him, who has paid in the environment of his house 21 dog piles.

To make things easier for dog owners, the city had so-called dog toilets set up years ago, especially along the city wall – an extremely popular walking path for dog owners.

Gradually, more were added, such as at kirchplatz, which is a real "hotspot regarding dog poop was. "If we set up a station in such a hotspot, the hotspot will move to another location, female the mayor, who however has no understanding for the polluters. It has also happened that a dog poop was right next to a dog toilet.

"We have spent a lot of money on preparing the roads and squares for the 1250th anniversary of munnerstadt next year", stresses the mayor. The paths around the city wall have also been covered with a layer of gravel, and all the vegetation has been removed. "Now the dog poop naturally much more noticeable." Exactly this had already led to questions in the city council. But the mayor is also particularly annoyed about dog poop on sidewalks and bursts in the historic city center. As a dog owner, he can’t understand. One could go absolutely first once another goal, if the vierbeiner did not yet its geschaft.

He does not want to tolerate this situation anymore and wants to act more energetically against it. He doesn’t need to tighten up the ordinances, because the city council has the tools with the "ordinance on the maintenance and cleaning of public roads and the safety of the walkways in winter" already in hand. Paragraph three states, among other things, that "in particular, it is forbidden to allow walkways to be soiled by animals." Paragraph 13 then states that a fine of up to 500 euros may be imposed on anyone who intentionally or negligently defiles or causes to be defiled a public place in contravention of paragraph three.

And this is where the munnerstadters come into play. Because the city administration cannot control dog owners, helmut blank asks residents to report violations to the city administration. "This has nothing to do with denunciation", he says. One simply could not tolerate it any longer. It is also a bad habit that some players use the horns, but then simply throw them away somewhere.

It’s bad for the mayor that irresponsible dog owners also bring disrepute to those who dispose of their dog’s waste properly. One of them is marco straub, who always carries a hooter with him when he goes for a walk. He also likes to use the path by the city wall. "No sooner was the path prepared than the first piles were already lying there", he observed. A bad habit that should finally be stopped.


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