Ea-manager: free games do not hurt sales

Electronic arts has also been using free-to-play since 2008. There is no danger for the traditional business, says sean decker, who is responsible for the division at the industry giant.

Electronic arts has sold computer games for years. Why are they focusing so strongly on free-to-play now??

Decker: "the way consumers use media content is changing. We offer the games the way you want them: on DVD, on mobile devices or through social networks."

How does the model affect game development??

Decker: "we no longer have half an hour to explain the story to the players. If we don’t grab them in the first few minutes, they’ll be gone. It is different with a game for 50 or 60 euros, who has spent so much money, does not put it aside so quickly. You don’t leave the cinema after five minutes – at most if you hate the story. So free-to-play is great for the user."

Isn’t there a danger that other EA games will sell less if there is a free alternative??

Decker: "we were afraid of that too. But with the free-to-play titles, we attract many users who would not buy games, for example, because they lack the time. They have also helped us to gain a foothold in countries like brazil or poland, where we were hardly present before. And we’ve found that the most active players use both – free-to-play and the disc."

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