Experts for circumcision without punishment – under conditions

Experts for circumcision without punishment - under conditions

Minimum standards are also a qualified pain treatment and the recognition of a developmentally dependent veto right of the affected young, it was said in a release on thursday evening.

With its public debate, the ethics council wants to contribute to the objectification of the discourse, emphasized chairwoman christiane woopen. In the hearing, different positions of the experts had previously become clear.

The debate about the circumcision of newborn males or children, which is customary among jews and muslims, was triggered by a ruling of the regional court in poland in june. The court had judged circumcision to be an "unlawful violation of the body" and therefore punishable in principle. The bundestag then passed a resolution calling for immunity from prosecution. A legal regulation is to be found in autumn.

Hamburg criminal law expert reinhard merkel voices clear concerns. "The legislature is in a kind of legal policy emergency," he said. It emphasized the right to physical integrity and the priority of the best interests of the child. Only a kind of "special law" could make circumcision legal against all criminal objections. However, because of the german mass murder of the jews, there is a "duty of special sensitivity".

Jewish physician leo latasch rejected the view that circumcision of young children is comparable to genital mutilation of girls. Medical complications occur in less than 0.2 percent of cases. The accusation that severe pain during the operation on newborns relatively often has traumatic consequences cannot be substantiated either.

Muslim medical ethicist ilhan ilcilic called for an "objectification" of the debate. He warned of backroom operations and "circumcision tourism" if the legislature did not react to the verdict of the cologne court. The issue also continues to make waves internationally. Israeli interior minister eli jischai called on german chancellor angela merkel to stand up for the right to circumcision. Jews in germany should not be forced to choose between observing national or divine laws, wrote the chairman of the strict religious shas party on thursday, according to the newspaper jediot achronot.


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