For 150000 euro there will be green at untersiemauer traffic circle

Safety was the focus of the first meeting of the town council since the 20th century. February written very roughly. Instead of the town hall, the meeting was held on thursday in the school auditorium. In addition to masks in front of mouth and nose was because of the corona pandemic also paid attention to sufficient distance to the neighboring places. Also in the auditorium is to be held on thursday, 30. April, the results of the municipal elections will be announced at the next meeting. Then the retiring council members are to be bid farewell and the new ones installed.

At the current meeting, far-reaching decisions had to be made. This was the awarding of the work for the planting and design of the areas around the traffic circle. Ten companies were contacted, and offers were received from three. After some briefings, the committee decided by twelve votes to two to plant about 815 shrubs as well as 40 small-crowned trees and wild fruit trees on the eaves side of the larmschutz dam for about 430 meters. In addition, the fub of the dam is to be seeded with a flower meadow over an area of about 1500 square meters. 25 tall, climate-resistant oaks are to be planted along the CO 12, CO 28 and pyramid paths. The entire work is scheduled for the fall, said mayor rolf rosenbauer (CSU). The contract was awarded to the company "anne baut garten", untersiemau, to the most economical offer, which amounts to about 150000 euro. Development maintenance is promised for two years. In connection with the traffic traffic circle and the rerouting of the CO 12, material had accumulated that was suitable for the substructure of the trench on ringstrabe and could be used there, informed rosenbauer. Before the material could be installed, however, the supply and disposal lines (water/sewer) had to be laid there. The scope of construction in this area includes the stichstrabe with a turnaround, four public parking lots, and utilities with service connections. The contract for the construction work was awarded to the company strabag (eisfeld). The contract for the street lighting was awarded to suc H2O (coburg) – total cost about 15000 euro.

Urban land use planning continues

At the meeting, the committee discussed the suggestions and concerns regarding the development plan for the untersiemau solar park as well as the fourth change of the land use plan. Some of the proposals were acknowledged, others were incorporated into the plans. The following resolutions were passed: a change in the land use plan was approved, as were the changes to the development plan. The administration and the engineering firm koenig+kuhnel will be commissioned to continue with the construction management procedures.

A footpath and parking spaces can be built on the former rooming house site in scherneck. The municipal council voted 13-1 in favor of his resignation. The road will be paved for a distance of 77 meters from the main road to the blacktop. The parking lots on the main road are being graveled. The contract was carried out by a company from rodental for 48000 euros. Rosenbauer said: "a dangerous moment for mourners on the way from the church to the cemetery is thus eliminated."


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