Four banks grow with their owners

Four banks grow with their owners

The four cooperative banks in the district remain in the auind – also in terms of customers: at the balance sheet press conference of the volksbanken-raiffeisenbanken in the kitzingen district association, roland koppel, member of the board of management, reported an increase of 2408 members (7.8 percent). In addition to VR-bank kitzingen, these include raiffeisenbank kitzinger land obernbreit, raiffeisenbank frankisches weinland nordheim and raiffeisenbank volkach-wiesentheid.

Currently, the financial institutions pay 34 555 members. More than a third of the people in the district (37 percent) are bank (co-)owners. The four banks are well above the bavarian average of around 20 percent in terms of membership numbers.

The balance sheet total has also risen considerably. It increased by 2.1 percent compared to 2012 to 1.22 million euros. Customer deposits also increased by three percent, to 898 million euros, koppel said.

The increase in deposits in customer accounts was more significant. According to koppel, the increase here is seven percent, or a plus of 213.1 million euros. The four banks thus managed customer funds and securities accounts with a total capital of 1.1 billion euros.

According to koppel, the fact that private households, farmers, winegrowers, craftsmen and medium-sized companies were willing to invest was shown by the fact that the total amount of loans rose from 551.6 million euros in 2012 to 582.9 million the following year. The board of management described the interest surplus of 26.5 million euros as pleasing. According to koppel, this is quite remarkable in view of the current low level of interest rates. However, it is questionable whether this will continue to be the case.

In fiscal 2013, the financial institutions invested 796 million euros, only about half as much as in the previous year, reported koppel. Surpluses from the so-called service businesses are slightly in decline. The minus is 3.4 percent. Despite this, around 6.1 million euros came into the coffers.

Costs increased slightly to 20.9 million euros. This was mainly due to personnel expenses, said koppel. The four banks currently employ 311 people, including 22 trainees. Adjusted total earnings before taxes for 2013 amounted to 11.1 million euros, down 2.6 percent on the previous year.

The volks- und raiffeisenbanken want to continue expanding their regional strength in the future as well. "Our security facilities enable us to guarantee the money entrusted to us even in uncertain times," promises koppel. With a view to the national and international banking sector, koppel says: "there are too many banks in europe without business models that only represent their own interests."


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