Frickenhausen’s women face difficult season

Frickenhauser women's soccer seems to be hanging by a thread. At least if you listen carefully to the words of the new TSV coach thomas hofmann. Surprisingly, a personnel bloodletting occurred during the summer break, to which the reserve team fell victim. But things aren't going well for the landesliga team either. Training attendance rarely reached double digits. The ochsenfurter will throw the flinte in the grain however in no case and gives itself combative.

"I gave my word to those responsible and I stand by it, even if the circumstances are different from what I expected," says hofmann. During the winter break, he decided to move to the wine town after four successful years as coach of the gollhofer women's team. Even then, he was aware that he would be faced with a herculean task after an "epidemic season" that ended with his premature relegation from the bavarian league. However, a delightful one. Finally, appealing women's soccer is also being played in the national league.

"The trummer pile is perfect"

There should also be little change in the personnel. Marianne keck is working in frankfurt. Julia kohl was tempted by a move to SC heuchelhof, and sabine muller also wanted to take a short step. The responsible persons had even the hope to win one or the other new player in addition. However, in the end exactly the opposite happened. More players turned their backs on the grun-weiben. Kim kibler and nadja kullmann transferred to veitshochheim shortly before the transfer deadline. Others had lost their spab at fubball and unexpectedly hoarded up. "What the reasons for this were, i don't know. In the end, however, there was a world of difference between what we discussed in february and what we found in july," says hofmann.

The consequences of the personnel bloodletting were, on the one hand, the withdrawal of the reserve team and, on the other hand, a significantly shrunken list of players. "The trummer pile is actually perfect. I still have 19 girls on my roster," says the head of training. And even of them there were seldom more than ten at the same time on the training court during preparation. Hofmann has hardly been able to set any priorities. Arranged test games had to be canceled at short notice. Only against DJK wurzburg did the ochsenfurter see his squad twice under competitive conditions, as well as in the cup jungst against last year's league rivals greuther furth.

In spite of all the difficulties, the grun-wheels in the lots showed that they are quite willing and competitive. "It's really fun to work with the girls who are there. They're up for it and they're going all out," says hofmann, who believes his team is ready for the national league. However, they can only prove their quality if there is enough manpower available.

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