Giving a smile: new help for children in kitzingen

Giving a smile: new help for children in kitzingen

Let someone say again, rough institutions move slowly: within one week, pastor gerhard spockl and his evangelical colleague thilo koch organized the ocumenical initiative kindern ein lacheln schenken (give children a smile). The goal: to give all children in kitzingen the opportunity to find their way in life. 4.2 percent of all children (up to 15 years of age) in the district live in a situation of poverty. In 2017, according to a bertelsmann study, the figure was 21 percent nationwide.

In concrete terms, the aim is to help children from poor families in kitzingen quickly and without bureaucracy. A few gym shoes, pencils for school or even an allowance for a class trip – such expenses are to be covered by the new initiative. "Or the bread time or the warm lunch", says monika maier, director of the haus fur kinder st. Elisabeth, and reports about a child who has nothing left in his lunch box at the end of the month.

No money is passed on

Through her and her colleagues at the 14 daycare centers, the two elementary schools and the after-school care center in kitzingen, parents can apply for support. The reason is simple: "we know our families", says maier. Freeloaders should not have a chance to get their hands on donations. That is why only material assets are passed on to the families, not money.

"We want the children to benefit directly", explains spockl. It is also important to him and his comrades-in-arms that the help should only be a support for these families. Parents should continue to show their own initiative and again and again he emphasizes: there is already help from politics. The county also helps where it can. But: many shy away from the office. Therefore this low-threshold offer. "We want to make kitzingen a social city", says spockl. "We want to give children a smile."

Initiative depends on donations

In order to fulfill children’s dreams and make everyday life easier, the initiative relies on donations. 1000 euro come from the parish st. Vincent. The volunteers have waived their christmas gifts, explains spockl.

School spokesman uwe pfeiffle and integration spokeswoman astrid glos didn’t come empty-handed to the presentation of the new initiative either. 300 euros from pfeiffle’s budget, 200 from glos’ budget. Mayor siegfried muller thinks the initiative is a good one and, like district administrator tamara bischof, promised to beat the publicity drum.

To ensure that 100 percent of the donations reach the boys and girls of kitzingen, the parish offices take over the work, organization and bureaucracy.

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