Grunflachen in der gartenstrabe give way to parking lots

The obernbreit municipal councils passed just one resolution at their public meeting on wednesday evening, apart from approving the agenda and the minutes of the previous meeting. Otherwise, the 30-minute meeting was dominated by announcements from mayor bernhard bruckner.

About the residents’ meeting on the extension and renovation of gartenstrabe. The few grass strips at the parking spaces in the strabe were roundly rejected, maybe another vehicle will fit there then. The fubweg to blumenstrabe is not to be renewed, but the surface is to be rubbed down and provided with a new surface course. The guardrail in the area between bergstrabe and the former staatsstrabe can be omitted and is to make way for a raised kerb with a lander. In this area, the sidewalk could also be moved to the opposite side of the trench.

There is no need for action on the water mains, which seem to be largely in order. Whether the canal needs to be renewed is to be shown by a further investigation. However, the pipes have been rehabilitated only a few years ago with inliner. The meeting also took a look at the inflow of wastewater into the gertholzweg sewer, as this is where backups occur from time to time. The changes are to be incorporated into the plan, which will then be presented to the council again.

Can further building sites be developed with a rounding off of the village and is a study of the entire village sensible for this purpose?? A question with which the building committee will deal after unanimous decision of the municipal council. Except for the new building areas there are in wide areas obernbreits no development plans and there could be found, so the hope, more flats for houses.

Broadband expansion in the village cost around 62,000 euros; bruckner announced a grant of just under 50,000 euros.

The new boschungsmaher cost about 66 ooo euro.

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