Homegrown superfood

Homegrown superfood

The balanced diet currently plays a rough role in society. Vegetarianism, veganism and vitamins have long since ceased to be unpopular vocabulary. Social media platforms are also full of photos of artfully arranged goji berries, chia seeds and tropical fruits. In short: superfoods that are full of important nutrients. Apart from the horrendous prices, however, there is a sophisticated logistics behind these imports. A simple and at least as healthy solution is to buy regional food.
As far as transport is concerned, emissions are reduced because the goods – as the name suggests – remain in the region. Environment and wallet are grateful for this saving. If you take a closer look, you will see that organic fruit and vegetables grown in the open air produce less CO2 than food from glasshouses. This also coincides with the fact that foodstuffs do not have to be handled as much, since they do not require a long journey. Consumers receive products with a mature taste, which contain nutrients and vitamins that are fully adequate for the season – quasi superfoods from the homeland.

If in doubt, ask

At the same time, buying local products strengthens the local economy. Jobs in the region are preserved if the local producers are trusted. Regional foods are often sold directly from the farm, at the weekly market or in supermarkets. There they are usually labeled separately or can be found under regional house brands. In the case of processed foods, however, it may be that they have been treated mainly in the region, but that the individual raw materials have been imported. Asking the sales staff in the store or at the weekly market provides clarity.

The regional window

The term "region is not exactly defined and protected. A region can be as much southern germany as franconia or nurnberg. In order to create transparency for buyers in this respect, the federal ministry of food and agriculture has introduced the "regional window" label initiates. Uniform throughout germany, this is a voluntary indication on foodstuffs that shows at a glance where the raw materials come from and have been processed. An annual and independent control ensures that the information in the regional window is correct. 


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