Hydraulics for fitness

Hydraulics for fitness

Bernhard panzer it was a blessing for the health that after the youngest extension of the secondary school there was still a free room available. School management and teachers decided to do without a classroom and instead wish for a fitness room. And it was actually set up in an exemplary short time, as rector ulrich langer said at the opening ceremony on monday. The district administration, as the authority responsible for the matter, approved the request without hesitation. The head of the department was present at the opening ceremony. "We were very happy to agree to this rather unusual request", said district administrator alexander tritthart. To immediately test a piece of equipment for strength training and see for yourself its quality.

25000 euro cost

It is widely known that exercise is often neglected in today’s world, said tritthart. This is especially true for the professional world, but also for schoolchildren. In order to counteract the ever increasing lack of exercise, the 25,000 euro innovation, also supported by the savings bank, was made available.

The new fitness room has the special feature that the majority of the purchased strength training equipment is hydraulically controlled. This brings many advantages in everyday teaching, as was emphasized and demonstrated during the demonstration of the equipment. One has a simple operation, low risk of injury and high effectiveness.

Physical education teacher niklas jung said that the gym has made physical education at the school more flexible by reducing the need for students to go to other schools.

Expiration on boards

The nine gyms will be used by students in seventh grade and above. With additional space on the floor, the school can accommodate about 25 students at a time. How the whole thing works was then demonstrated by the students of class 9d and their teacher felix pitroff, who tried out a training device with slings. At least 30 different exercises are possible on this alone. What can be done is written on boards in the fitness room.

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