Jager equip the stockheimer abc-schutzen with orange warning vests

The gluckauf elementary school in stockheim is very concerned about the safety of its abc students. In cooperation with the hunting protection and hunting association kronach district, the 41 first-grade students of the school were equipped with orange, luminous children’s warning vests with reflective signal stripes on the second school day.

The inscription "achtung frischlinge has a double meaning, informs the chairman of the jager-county group kronach, bernhard schmitt. On the one hand, the vests are intended to ensure the safety of schoolchildren on their way to school, because they are more visible to road users even in the dark. Secondly, the aim is to get children excited about nature, forests, animals and the environment. To this end, several activities will be carried out with the elementary school children at different times of the year. The children should not only learn about nature and animals in the classroom in theory with the help of writing and pictures, but they should also be able to observe animals and nature up close during excursions in the forest and meadows.

When the children were handed their vests, they had a lot of specific questions for the jager, which he didn’t expect at all. Why do we need jagers? Why are wild boars dangerous? Do hunters have to go into the forest at night?? Must the jager have a rifle? These and even more questions showed the interest of the children and also that excursions and special lessons with hunters are not wrong, but there is a great need, bernhard schmitt stated on the basis of the lively discussion. It is very good when even elementary school children get in touch with the environment and nature and are made aware of nature and animal protection in meadows and forests. The warning vests with the inscription "achtung frischling" are intended to signal that there are children on the road who require special attention and caution in traffic, but who are also very interested in nature, the environment and animals.

Principal astrid kestel thanked for the donation of the warning vests and pointed out several actions of the gluck-auf-primary school in the further course of the school year.


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