Justin bieber challenges tom cruise

Justin bieber challenges tom cruise

The canadian pop star justin bieber has once again caused a stir on the internet with a tweet. On twitter, the 25-year-old challenged the 31-year-old US actor tom cruise to a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight on sunday evening:

"Tom, if you don’t take this fight, you’ll be scared and it will haunt you for the rest of your life."Bieber asked who would like to host the fight and approached dana white, the president of MMA promoter ultimate fighting championship (UFC).

Mixed martial arts is a martial art in which participants punch, kick, grapple, and use a variety of techniques from other martial arts, such as karate. The fights take place on an octagonal fighting area (octagon).

What was behind the fight was not known at first. Tom cruise did not react to the tweet at first. For this, the irish kafigkampfer conor mcgregor offered to host the fight. Justin bieber himself posted another tweet with a video on monday. There is a scene from the movie "in a far country" where tom cruise beats up another man in a fight. On the face of the opponent was pasted a face of justin bieber. Bieber wrote: "damn tom, it wasn’t planned that way."


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