Land is in sight

The municipality of wirsberg sees the redefinition of the water protection area for the municipality’s own water supply as "land in sight". Mayor jochen trier () was able to achieve in discussions with representatives of the town hall administration and the water management office hof that the initiation of a water right procedure is refrained from prior to the implementation of appropriate sealing measures at the deep well in the river au.

However, the municipal council was also aware of the. December 2020 to understand that the documents submitted in 2019 for the water rights procedure for the redefinition of the water protection area are to be supplemented. Mayor jochen trier also reported that the video discussion with the water management office originally planned for december 2020 could not take place. Due to further corona-conditioned date shifts it came on the 24. September 2021 finally to the necessary conversation with the technical authority.

Defeats are still missing

After that, it was determined that various documents still have to be provided for the water rights procedure, such as additional hydrological work for the representation of the catchment area. In this context, contact has already been made with the municipal utilities of kulmbach and the district water supply of upper franconia, and through the office piewak& partner from bayreuth initiates corresponding follow-up work.

It is also clear, according to mayor trier, that the water management office has to support the work carried out by the piewak& office partner created minimal proposal for a water protection area was supported. In short – expected on 24. November – an information meeting of the market community wirsberg with the water management office, the district office and the buro piewak& is planned partners will take place in order to present the situation with the land owners and, if necessary, also with the bearers of public concerns. In particular, this concerns the type of possible restrictions in the "small" area protection area. "This is to ensure that questionable points are clarified prior to public interpretation. Only then will the water rights procedure take place, and once it has been positively concluded, the necessary structural inspections can be carried out", said the mayor.

After the rehabilitation of the deep well, a further design is then required, in which the evidence is to be shown, which can only be prepared after the rehabilitation, such as a renewed age dating of the raw water in the well, a new pumping test, a well development plan and raw water investigation. Trier: "after that a legal conclusion of the entire procedure is possible."

The market town council agreed that the market town would bear the costs for further engineering services. SRP schneider + partner from kronach was commissioned to plan the requirements for the entire plant. The office now intends to carry out a preliminary baseline assessment with a water demand calculation and a supply scheme to illustrate the existing situation.

Based on this, the necessary measures and possible alternatives will be presented. The cost is 1930 euros.


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