Laughter comes without a recipe

Regina wolker from the team seniorenkreis burk has invited the speaker carmen voit, heilpraktikerin for psychotherapy, coach and relaxation therapist to the slide lecture with the title "kraft schopfen ohne rezept – impulse fur den alltag ohne risiken und nebenwirkungen" (to save strength without prescription – impulses for everyday life without risks and side effects) invited to the dreikonigsheim burk. Main theme was humor and laughter.

Voit explained to the audience that many adults had forgotten how to laugh and only laugh an average of 15 times, while babies and toddlers laugh about 200 times a day, because laughter knows no age and humor invigorates into old age.

She explained, among other things, that babies can always laugh heartily at even small triggers, for example when an adult clicks his tongue. This baby’s laughter and other merriment infected the audience to laugh, many muscles were used, even internal organs like heart and circulation. "Laughing relieves stress and releases happiness hormones", said voit and demonstrated laughter yoga from india to participate in, told jokes, informed about healthy, creatively designed food, physical exercise in all its forms, and the seniors learned where the humor is in the brain. The atmospheric afternoon was concluded by powerful applause.


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