Led steles and flat curbs at kissing’s theater square

Led steles and flat curbs at kissing's theater square

For several days the theater square has been a construction site. City and public utilities replace 50-year-old street lamps. Around 60000 euros are being invested in the project. According to the administration, mercury vapor lamps used to provide light at the spa theater. In the meantime, they are no longer available, and the spare parts have been used up. Because it is not possible to convert the lampposts to a different technology, they will be dismantled and replaced by new LED lampposts. "This results in an energy saving of 85 percent compared to the old technology", announces gudrun wild on behalf of the public utility company. The stelae illuminate the square and the beam, the theater is illuminated via an integrated spotlight module.

Easier access for aging dogs

To replace the old lampposts with the new columns, civil engineering works are also necessary. This is what it takes to lay new power lines in the ground. The city is also using the construction work to lower the curb in one area to make it easier for pedestrians to access the theater square. The curb on the opposite sidewalk will also be lowered.

The pavement on the theater square will remain unchanged, an asphalt band as in other places in the pedestrian zone is not planned. "The floor of the theater square will be restored with existing and new slabs", explains silvia happ from the public relations department in the city hall. The work is on schedule, and the renovation should be completed next week.


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