Low’s last stage? – only brazil pays

Low's last stage? - only brazil pays

Others like sami khedira, manuel neuer and mats hummels see their chance to move up in the team hierarchy on the way to the 2014 world championship in brazil. How joachim low moderates the power movements will be watched with excitement. "Of course we have enough players who want to take responsibility, who want to lead," captain lahm said before the world cup qualifier against sweden.

"It’s clear that everything regroups after a tournament. It’s a normal process, it happens after every tournament," said lahm. After the european championships in poland and ukraine, the bitterness over the missed chance at the title had a long and intense impact. "It has naturally become more restless around us, that is clear. This was connected with the elimination from the european championship, with the not so good performance against austria. We can only convince with good performances," manager oliver bierhoff said recently.

The issues of team spirit and leadership structure were discussed in public for months. Of all people, the more secretive boss schweinsteiger hinted that the climate in the national team’s oasis of well-being had suffered more from dissatisfied and insistent players than admitted. "It’s certainly part of the game that players are dissatisfied," said lahm, "even young players with raw talent. But you just have to get in line in a tournament.

In addition, the sporting rivalry between the new champion borussia dortmund and the national record champion FC bayern spilled over into the DFB team, even though munich goalkeeper neuer now stressed: "we are a national team block. As soon as we have the dress on, we play for germany." Lows "unfortunate" words about BVB defender marcel schmelzer’s international eligibility went down particularly badly in dortmund. In the meantime, the national coach has publicly apologized for this.

Low will consistently align everything with the world cup in brazil. There are several indications that the current phase could be his last as national coach. That’s why, unlike before the 2010 world cup or EURO 2012, short-term success is paramount for him. In south africa, low had garnered endless praise for his team’s new, attractive style. Before the european championships this summer, the 52-year-old had still pointed out that his young eleven was not yet at the end of its development. But one title is still missing low with its players praised as "golden generation.

The world cup in the summer of 2014 may be the last chance for some of the players who have been with low since he took office in 2006, as well as for the coach himself. The old ones defend the power structures in the team: "the hierarchy is the old one, because experienced players who have performed over the years are still performing," lahm stressed. "We want to continue the way. If something comes out of it in the end, we’ll be happy," said vice-captain schweinsteiger.

Lahm, soon to be 29, has been wearing the captain’s armband since the 2010 world cup. Now his statements are connected to a more uncompromising course. Everyone should think carefully about their words and deeds, lahm appealed to his colleagues in the DFB team, especially the younger ones: "you have to subordinate everything to the team."For him, a flat hierarchy is also a clear hierarchy, "where all the players are at eye level with each other".

Low weib also knows that friction can be a challenge. "Competition is important," the national coach also remarked before the game against sweden. Young players like dortmund’s marco reus know their place: "i wasn’t going to say now that i’ve only just arrived in the national team," said the 23-year-old attacking player after his two goals in the 6-1 win in ireland.

The sporting management has to challenge both streams: "the players who have already played rough tournaments and others with rough charisma who have pushed on, like sami khedira or manuel neuer," said manager bierhoff. The hierarchy was lived out differently today than it was 20 years ago. "It doesn’t work with the hard chopping order, you carry the goal and i don’t do anything," said the former DFB captain and 1996 european champion. It was then in england the last title triumph for germany so far.


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