Michael j. Fox: “my short-term memory is gone”

Michael j. Fox: 'my short-term memory is gone'

Actor michael J. Fox (59, "back to the future") still occasionally stood in front of the camera despite his longstanding parkinson’s disease.

But now, in an interview with the u.S. Magazine "people," he has talked about another setback. "My short-term memory is gone," fox says in article published wednesday. He was now to concentrate on writing. His fourth biography, "no time like the future," is scheduled for release in the u.S. In mid november.

He could no longer play guitar or draw, said fox. Dancing had never been his strong point and acting was now difficult. "I’m left with writing, and fortunately I really enjoy it."

The canadian has been suffering from the paralysis of protection since 1991. Because of the illness, he ended his cinema career in 2000, but continued to star in TV series such as "spin city" and, until 2016, "the good wife".

Fox talked about other low blows in 2018 that had hit him hard. A tumor on his spine was removed in a risky operation. After that he had to learn to walk again. In addition, there was a fall, which delayed the healing process. But he considers himself happy and his life is good, stressed fox. He is especially grateful to his wife, tracy pollan, and their four children.


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