Microsoft’s windows blue again with start button

Microsoft's windows blue again with start button

The start field known from earlier versions will appear on the screen as soon as the mouse is moved to the lower left corner, microsoft announced in a blog entry on thursday.

At the same time, users can again choose the desktop view as an alternative to the new tile design as the start screen. This is microsoft’s response to widespread criticism from unsettled users.

With windows 8, microsoft has broken with many traditions in the history of the operating system and made it fit for a mobile future.

Today’s pcs are designed for a world in which people operate their mobile devices via a touch display, writes microsoft manager antoine leblond. For this world windows 8 is designed.

"But we have recognized that there are still many devices without a touch display – especially in the commercial sector."Users who use a mouse and keyboard should now find it easier to navigate the new system.

In fact, the launch of the new system was initially behind the expectations of some market observers.

First touch-enabled devices from major manufacturers are a long time coming. But windows 8 will only be able to show its strengths on them. Enterprise customers in particular were unsettled.

With surface RT and pro, the first tablets from the software manufacturer’s own production, microsoft wants to emphasize the attractiveness of windows 8. From friday, the new surface pro with intel processor will be on sale in germany.

Leblond also revealed more details about the new version of windows 8, codenamed "blue," in his blog entry. This is how windows 8 will be.1 will be equipped with internet explorer 11, which is currently the only browser designed specifically for finger navigation.

Files are to be stored directly in the skydrive cloud, so that they are always available on different devices. Also the search via bing and the presentation of search results has been optimized.

Microsoft is just over seven months into its new path to the mobile future of computing with windows 8, said leblond.

There are now new devices, strong growth in app offerings and major enhancements to the operating system, he said. Microsoft has already released hundreds of updates for windows 8 and the available apps. "We’ve just launched, and the potential future ahead of us is tremendous."

A first preview version of windows 8.1 will microsoft on 26. June at the company’s own developer conference build in san francisco publish. Windows blue" is expected to hit the stores in august. For users of windows 8 the update will be free of charge.


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