Mr. Timber: no tree dies for this carpenter’s success

Mr. Timber: no tree dies for this carpenter's success

The business model of the start-up company mr. Timber charakterholz gmbh is simple, but good: the company trades in old wood and also manufactures products from it. In times when there is increasing talk of sustainability, the company based in iphofen is on the road to success.

The company processes old beams and boards that were discarded during the demolition of old barns, farmhouses and mountain huts. The rough part comes from upper bavaria and austria. Each beam is usually about 100 years old and has unique surfaces and structures due to the processing methods of the time and the decades of environmental influences. But how does company founder tim schroder get his hands on the wood?? After all, in franconia he doesn’t know when and where a barn is being torn down in upper bavaria.

In the meantime, mr. Timber has made a name for itself in the industry and old wood is offered to the company. "But we don’t get much material, the demand exceeds the supply", explains schroder. "But: for our products not a single tree has to be felled." In the program are beams and boards from oak as well as the softwoods like pine, spruce and fir. The customers are architects, carpenters and end consumers. Schroder and his employees are happy to accommodate their wishes. It can happen that a camping bus is lined with reclaimed wood – according to schroder, the most unusual customer request to date.

Out of love for wood and craftsmanship

Two years ago, the 24-year-old schroder became mr. Timber and founded the company. The native of wiesbaden discovered his enthusiasm for old wood during his apprenticeship at the tegernsee. At the age of 22, the ambitious carpenter had his master craftsman’s diploma and the business management diploma in his pocket. Out of his love for craftsmanship and wood as a raw material, he then dared to take the step into independence. In 2018, the young entrepreneur started the old wood trade in a small warehouse and was soon able to celebrate his first successes with his products. In addition to selling wood, the company also offers carpentry courses to familiarize participants with the traditional raw material and the processing of (old) wood.

Mr. Timber – timber is the english word for construction timber – distributes the sustainable products throughout europe thanks to e-commerce. In his own webshop, as well as on ebay and amazon, customers can choose from a variety of beams or decorative objects made of old wood. In addition to the standardized webshop products, where a quick purchase transaction can be guaranteed, the company’s own carpentry store can also cater to individual customer wishes – it doesn’t always have to be a converted bus.

The hessian came to lower franconia through the master school in wurzburg and after an online-immobile ad he landed in iphofen. In 2019, schroder expanded its range of services when young master carpenters david kolmstetter and florian ittner joined the business. He got to know them when he was making his master stucco in a workshop in giebelstadt.

The shipping and raw material warehouse is located in the iphofen industrial area. The course workshop and the actual workshop and office of mr. Timber are in markt einersheim. There, the trio reactivated florian ittner’s grandfather’s former joinery ittner. In addition to the refinement of old wood and the implementation of individual customer projects, the area of classic carpentry, such as the production of furniture, cakes, doors or interior fittings, is to be further expanded in the future. "This gives us an additional mainstay and an increase in turnover", schroder explains the strategy. In the meantime, the company has six employees and is very satisfied with the development of the business idea.

The plan is to continually expand the range of services offered. In addition to new products, such as decorative lamps and tables made of reclaimed wood, the company also plans to offer customers holistic room concepts in the future. In the long term, the shipping and materials warehouse, the course workshop and the carpentry shop with office and showroom are to be combined at a new location in the region.


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