One minute of joy leaves long-lasting damage to the environment

The town of zeil and the village of zeil are unhappy about thoughtless contemporaries who throw things at weddings that have absolutely no place in nature. They already look good, the small plastic hearts, whose material reminds of chip mare foil. As a table decoration, they have certainly already spared many a table. But whoever throws these little hearts at a wedding in the open air can only be described as thoughtless, explain those responsible in the city and the parish.
The wind carries this plastic mulch into the adjacent properties around the church and town hall as well as into the green area in front of the kappele, where it has to be picked up by hand in painstakingly small amounts of work. At the kappele, these plastic and aluminum particles can still be found in abundance even at the lookout below the pilgrimage church and in the forest. Complete removal of these plastic particles is virtually impossible. The bride and groom could probably still find it in the forest at their silver wedding anniversary.
The city of zeil and the parish of saint michael have now drawn up a joint declaration to help avoid this plastic and aluminum waste. Bridal couples who throw these particles at their wedding and do not remove them afterwards will be asked to pay for the cleaning of the site. The city and parish officials disapprove of such actions and hope that with consistent action, these environmental wounds can be contained. 


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