Police evaluates photos and videos of attack on zdf team

Police evaluates photos and videos of attack on zdf team

The attackers were masked, struck deliberately and fled quickly. The witness statements on the attack on the ZDF camera team on friday in berlin are also ambiguous, as the police and the public prosecutor’s office announced.

Due to the "dynamic and unclear nature of the events", the clarification of the case is difficult and time-consuming. In order to catch the perpetrators, the criminal police now want to evaluate "visual material" that shows the crime, the surroundings and the movements of the perpetrators before and after the crime.

The police and the public prosecutor’s office are still looking at six suspected young men and women who were arrested on friday and released on saturday. They were "according to police findings partly to be attributed to the "left-wing scene", it was said on monday. Whether this political attitude could have been the reason for the attack is now being investigated.

Security sources said on monday that one of the persons known to the police had been known since 2015 as a "violent offender" from the left-wing spectrum. The investigation is being conducted by the state security service of the state criminal police office (LKA), which is responsible for politically motivated crimes, on suspicion of dangerous bodily harm.

The seven-headed ZDF team of the satirical program "heute-show" had filmed on friday at a demonstration against the corona rules. Afterwards it was attacked in a side street near the alexanderplatz by at least 15 people. The police called the attack "targeted". Among other things, the perpetrators had used a "metal object" and injured five ZDF employees, including private security guards, in some cases "significantly.

The satirist abdelkarim, who belonged to the team, remained unharmed. He said on monday’s ZDF "heute" program that the attackers had been there "from one moment to the next". They had also kicked team members who were lying on the floor and hit them in the face. He had not previously thought such an attack possible, said abdelkarim. "Discussion culture looks different."

The federal government strongly condemned the crime on monday. "Anyone who attacks, threatens or injures journalists is far outside our democratic order and must have us all against him," said government spokesman steffen seibert. "We have long seen extremists of all stripes literally trample freedom of the press, one of our most important fundamental rights."It is sad that the escort of journalists by security guards is now obligatory at many demonstrations.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the six suspects were released "because the evidence was insufficient to establish an urgent suspicion" or there were no grounds for imprisonment – such as a risk of absconding or a risk of repetition. They are four men aged 24, 25 and 31 years and two women aged 25 and 27 years. Four of them live in berlin, according to dpa information, two have their official residence in baden-wurttemberg.

According to police, the perpetrators fled on bicycles and a car, according to witnesses. Federal police officers who were nearby immediately launched a manhunt.

Police announced that many witnesses had to be questioned. Testimony available so far has been "inconsistent in all details".

The council is also investigating whether there was a connection between the crime and a demonstration in the vicinity. The television crew had filmed there. The demonstration was also attended by right-wing populists and supporters of conspiracy theories.


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