Rebate is to direct rainwater into the canal

rebate is to direct rainwater into the canal

The meeting of the municipal council began with an aubentermin in ebenhauser weg. There, during thunderstorms and heavy rain, water runs from the road onto the land and into the cellar of a company. Therefore, the stand "improvement of water supply" on the agenda. This is now to be achieved by planting borders and thus diverting the water into the sewage system.

The fee for wastewater, which is currently 4.34 euros per cubic meter, will not change until 2020, nor will the fee for precipitation water, which is 0.16 euros per square meter. Mayor fridolin zehner (CSU) informed the municipal councils about the update of the fee calculation. There was nothing to decide here, because the fees are valid until 2020.

In 2017, a split sewerage fee (sewerage and storm water separately) was established based on a calculation from october 2016. The municipal consulting firm schulte/roder was commissioned with the calculations. In june 2019, the municipality received the settlement of the discharge fee for 2018 from the wastewater association of the upper wern valley communities. For this year the municipality will get back 12367 euro, and therefore the advance payments for the current year will be set at 112 000 euro. These have already been included in the update of the fee calculation, it says in the meeting draft.

The sealed area, for which the rainwater fee is payable, increased to 177,900 square meters as a result of new buildings and changes to properties. With these new numbers the office schulte/roder recalculated the fees in june. This resulted in a waste water fee of 4.39 euros for 2019/20, the fee for the precipitation water remains the same. However, the burghers will not be asked to pay more than before, as the calculation period does not end until next year.

In addition, the administrative expenses for a new calculation would be too high and a possible deficit would then be incorporated into the 2020 calculation period, explained mayor zehner during the discussion. On the initiative of council member harald klopf (burgerliste), however, an employee of the office is to explain these calculations in more detail to the council in the near future.

The council also took note of the results of the tender for the purchase of electricity by the municipality. In order to purchase inexpensive electricity, the supply is carried out every two years by kubus kommunalberatung und service gmbh (a company of top municipal associations) in cooperation with the bayerischer gemeindetag (bavarian municipal association) for numerous municipalities. Normally, the community will pay 25.46 cents (previously 22.15 cents) per kilowatt hour for the years 2020 to 2022, 24.52 cents (20.15 cents) for street lighting and 24.34 cents (22.14 cents) for storage heating. The low part is made up of the numerous taxes and the value-added tax. With the storage heating system, for example, the price of electricity alone is only 4.25 cents per kilowatt hour.

Electricity supply prices have risen sharply

The pure electricity supply prices rose sharply in 2018 because gas and coal, as well as carbon dioxide certificates, became more expensive, it says in the submission to the municipal councils. Based on a decision of the municipal council of 2018, the municipality purchases 100 percent okostrom.

The music club rannungen has replaced its old uniforms from 1995 with new ones and asked the municipality for a subsidy. The cost is about 35 000 euros. The musicians hoped that the municipality would cover the cost of the emblems on the uniforms, totaling about 560 euros, because "the emblem of the municipality of rannungen on the club costume makes the music club a representative of the municipality and contributes to a positive image", so the application. Councillor rudolf berninger (CSU) recalled that the music association does a lot for the community. On his initiative, the voluntary contribution was increased to 2000 euros.

"The work is progressing faster than expected", the mayor said about the ongoing redesign of the school and churchyard. The work will cost 9498 euros more, because the council approved a supplementary offer for the block steps and the landing of the stairs of the town hall.


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