Refugee crisis like 2015 will not be repeated

Refugee crisis like 2015 will not be repeated

A refugee crisis like the one in 2015 will not happen again, according to fabrice leggeri, head of the EU’s border protection agency frontex.

This is shown by greece’s decision to secure the eu’s external borders this time and to call in frontex as reinforcements, leggeri told the "spiegel". Frontex had brought 200 officers to the greek-turkish border as part of a rapid intervention, plus many police vehicles.

600 frontex officers are on duty on the greek islands. "For frontex i can say that we are ready to continue supporting greece," leggeri continued. Europe was united.

In view of the situation on the european borders, leggeri warned against cutting his budget: "this must not be allowed to happen."Originally eleven billion euro had been planned for frontex for the period from 2021 to 2027.

During this time, the agency was to build up its own staff of 10,000 employees. Under the finnish and croatian EU presidencies, leggeri said, 50 percent shortages were planned.

"Minus 50 percent means we can’t even do what we are currently doing," he said. The frontex chief hopes that germany, which takes over the eu presidency in july, will abandon these plans.The presidency of the EU council changes every six months.


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