Residential house may be next to mast barn

Regardless of possible legal consequences, the iphof building committee has now approved the application of two nenzenheim residents to build a residential building. Cashanna kurbis and andre scholler had already submitted a building application for a single-family home in nenzenheimer friedhofstrabe in october last year. Almost at the same time, however, the town received an application from farmer heinrich may, who wants to build a bull pen and a septic tank right next to the planned residential building. Both plans seemed to collide with each other, the city called in the district office.

From there came the signal that nothing would stand in the way of building a house if the building was moved so that the distance to the bull pen was maintained. What is disputed in the assessment is whether the plot of land on which the young couple wanted to build is considered to be an interior or already an exterior area. Mayor josef mend and the administration are of the opinion that the new building has a spatial relationship to the existing residential development. Therefore it should be assigned to the interior. Mend explained, may have this checked by a lawyer.

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