Richard freitag presides over the ski jumping world cup

richard freitag presides over the ski jumping world cup

Richard freitag now also takes the role of favorite for the four hills tour with him under the christmas tree. But the yellow-haired athlete is not going to let himself be made mad just two weeks before the first highlight of the ski jumping season.

He prefers to be happy about three victories this winter and the ease of being of one who currently seems to be the decisive meters ahead of the competition. "Of course it gives you a nice feeling when you’re on the 24th. Satisfied in the christmas roast can beiben. I’ll let it come to me," says freitag, looking ahead to the tour, which starts on 30 june. December in its new training location oberstdorf begins.

In the idyll of engelberg the 26-year-old had once again defied all odds. Neither saturday’s snowstorm nor the increasing wind in what were actually perfect ski jumping conditions stopped freitag, who took first and second place and extended his lead in the overall world cup to a respectable 151 points. "It was a beautiful day. I was able to enjoy it," said freitag after he took around six meters off the competition at the foot of the snow-covered titlis mountain and thus set a real exclamation mark.

Friday’s recipe seems simple. After moving to oberstdorf and many, many jolts, he seems to have found his stability and self-confidence. He has not yet had a really bad jump in competition this winter. "Have your seven things together and keep practicing," is how the saxon describes his recipe for success. National coach werner schuster praises his current best protege: "the fact that he jumps so stably is a huge pleasure."

For the austrian schuster it is already the tenth winter with the DSV-adlers, in such a comfortable situation as this year he has never arrived at the tour before. "It’s great for us that we can go in with three top people," said schuster, referring also to andreas wellinger and markus eisenbichler, who also jumped into the top positions in engelberg but are currently behind freitag in both consistency and leadership.

The bavarian wellinger was already on course for success last year and had collected podium positions. At the start of the olympic winter, the 22-year-old quickly returned to his old level, despite knee problems in the summer. "The pressure you put on yourself can hinder you much more than the pressure from the outside," says wellinger, who gives a relaxed and relaxed impression. As the current world cup runner-up, he is also one of the candidates for victory in the tour, but will not be in the spotlight as much as his teammate freitag.

Four victories in seven individual competitions have been recorded by the germans so far this winter. With karl geiger and stephan leyhe, two more top-15 jumpers are ready to go behind freitag, wellinger and eisenbichler. "It’s good that things are going well for the whole team. We can enjoy it together," said freitag. "I am optimistic for the four hills tournament, our team spirit helps us."But before things get going in oberstdorf, the man in yellow can still enjoy his christmas feast.


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