Riedenberg’s mayor rolls up the hoard

Riedenberg's mayor rolls up the hoard

Riedenberg will get a new mayor after the election on 16. March 2014 a new mayor, because incumbent robert rommelt (SPD) will not run again. This was officially announced by rommelt to his councilors during the youngest municipal council meeting. "For a long time I have been thinking of not running for the next term of office. I have also noticed for some time that my own strength is weakening and that it is becoming increasingly difficult to carry out the office of mayor with full commitment."

He enjoyed being mayor of riedenberg for 20 years, and "most of the time it was a lot of fun". But now he has looked inside himself and made the decision like this. It is certainly also time for a change of generations. "It was a good time, but it's over for me now. I would like to have more time for some other projects I am looking forward to" he explained his decision. However, he will not withdraw completely from politics. "I will be available again as a candidate for the county council."

New play equipment for kindergarten
Another topic in the community council meeting was the kindergarten riedenberg, which needs new playground equipment in the area of the sand construction site. The existing is in need of major renovation and is always complained about by the tuv. A new scaffold will cost about 5000 euros. Since the municipality must bear 80 percent of the costs within the framework of the deficit agreement, councilor peter hergenroder, in his capacity as treasurer of the kindergarten association, informed the council about this and asked for a resolution approving these costs. The council agreed to the request.

There was also information on the subject of DSL. Since there is now also an official contact person at the district level for the expansion of fast internet, this person will be brought on board for riedenberg before the end of this year. "Since our plans so far have met with approval in preliminary talks, we will be able to start in the new year", said mayor rommelt.

Asphalt instead of pavement
In the ordinance on second-order water, the area of the sinn from zeitlofs to wildflecken was classified as a wild stream. This means that the maintenance obligation lies with the municipalities. The rough construction site autobahnbrucke nears the end. Now the still existing damages of the road up to the "holl" are to be repaired soon at a local appointment will be surveyed and the responsible construction company will be asked to fix them. In the area of the bus turnaround slab at the multipurpose building, the sidewalk in the area of the driveway is to be provided with asphalt, since the paving with which the rest of the sidewalk will be provided was driven out by the buses.


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