Schuler “punching” maroldsweisach’s mayor


"Give the children the command, they don't calculate what they do", the singer herbert gronemeyer has in his song "kinder an die macht" (children to power) requested. Then there were armies made of gumdrops, tanks made of marzipan, and wars were simply eaten up! Childlike genius! Maroldsweisach's mayor wilhelm schneider (CSU) experienced just how much could change for the better when children had a say in the matter when class 4a of the elementary school paid him a visit in the town hall.

The trucks and the farmers with their silo bales drive through the villages much too fast, he learned; the football fields should be better mowed and provided with higher catch nets. If it was about the children, then things would also change around the school. A sign was needed, and benches had to be set up in the playground. The bus shelter was also to be painted in a hubscher style. For the school garden, the children would like a seating area and a sunshade, garden gates so that the balls don't roll off the ground, and a metal rose arch at the entrance. Wherever possible, the children offered their help.

Burgermeister in the "kreuzverhor
The mayor explained in a child-friendly way why, for example, the full school buses can hardly be avoided, and he carefully formulated his answer when a child asked: "could it be that you will become a district administrator??" Schneider is known to be the CSU candidate to succeed rudolf handwerker. That's what the 84,000 citizens in the district had to decide, schneider said.

For this "children's hour" the 4a class spent several hours at the mayor's office preparing and formulating all kinds of wishes and concerns. Even winter road maintenance was not left out – in the middle of summer. The school "bombers wilhelm scheider with questions. For example, it was about schneider's tasks, the course of municipal council meetings, parties and decision-making leeway, but also about citizens' petitions, the size of the market town and its number of inhabitants or the individual villages as well as the explanation of the municipal coat of arms.

Tour of the town hall
Wilhelm schneider welcomed the two dozen schoolchildren and their teacher, who is also the principal, in the foyer of the town hall and explained to them basic things about the building, because once they have grown up, they will always have to deal with the and in the town hall, the children learned. Schneider introduced the individual areas of the municipal administration, explaining where to get the passes or where people have to submit their building applications.

One girl wanted to know if children could also participate in politics. You can't vote until you're 18, the schoolchildren learned, but schneider encouraged them to email him or stop by if they had a concern, or to join with their parents and start a citizenship petition.

Discussion at the council table
The girls and boys felt like real councilors when they were allowed to take their seats in the large meeting room, where the members of the council usually sit and deliberate. And the mayor certainly doesn't have to answer as many questions at the council meetings as he does in the "children's parliament". When the schoolchildren expressed their wishes and ideas for "their" school, they were asked to decide schneider promised them financial support within the scope of his possibilities.

Praise was not lacking either
Schneider was amazed at the concrete concerns of the elementary school children aged nine to ten years. "Children, i notice you have a smart teacher" he said elsewhere appreciatively, because the little guests not only demanded, they also thanked, so for the equipment of the computer rooms, the free admission to the altensteiner outdoor swimming pool during swimming lessons or the financial support by the municipality for school camps or the circus project. "It's great that you always do such good things for the school" said one child. The fourth-graders also praised the support provided by the building yard in designing the school garden.


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