Songs from france

Songs from france

On the french national holiday, sunday, 14. July, from 16 o’clock celebrate the german-french society obermain e.V. And the museum and culture association weismain and environs e.V. Franco-german summer festival held together for the first time at the kastenhof in weismain.

For several years now, the german-french society of obermain (DFGO) has traditionally celebrated the french national holiday with its members and friends. Among other things, the DFGO organizes the twinning of the three municipalities of altenkunstadt, burgkunstadt and weismain with the sudbretonian town of queven.

The museum and culture association, on the other hand, came up with the idea of presenting music with a focus on brittany and france – and if people on the obermain already know each other, why not do it together?? The idea of a joint summer party with music on the stage and of course french cider, french beer and small delicacies was born.

The sisters annamaria and katharina gielen from grobheubach (district of miltenberg, lower franconia) were enlisted to play music at the summer festival; together they form the duo "pelen tan". Their program for the summer festival includes mainly songs from france, especially from brittany, as well as from scotland and ireland. The repertoire of the two young musicians also includes a wide range of music from various other countries, such as spain, america and the balkans, which the two young interpreters approach in their own unique way.

Traditional and modern songs – unconventionally arranged with bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, harp, various flutes, guitar, violin, keyboard, bass and viola da gamba – invite you to join in happily, but also to reflect. Harp sounds, united with the soft tones of the bass viol, touch the soul. Singing makes them swing. Guitar chords weave the sound carpet for fifes that chirp cheerful melodies full of lightness or breathe a smoky mysterious atmosphere. Violin and accordion sometimes melancholic, sometimes lively tell of irish or french feeling of life. Hurdy-gurdy, schafer pipe or other unusual instruments such as the spanish gaita unleash the spirit into mystical spheres of sound or lure the fube onto the dance floor.

It can even be danced

Dance floor? Yes, part of the program will also be simple group dances to join in, to which pelen tan will play and which will be led by the two musicians. These are dances, as they are danced for example in brittany at the fest noz, in france at the bal folk or elsewhere in europe at dance festivals of young and old. Previous experience is not necessary, just join in and watch the steps and movements. After some dancing there is always concert music to listen to.

In good weather, the festival will be held outdoors in the open, in bad weather inside in the schonbornsaal. Please remember to bring appropriate clothing. Especially if you get warm while dancing, but then a cool wind should go. Admission is free, but the organizers ask for generous donations.


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