Spd schlusselfeld competes with a parity list

The schlusselfeld SPD local association has nominated candidates for the town council elections. The special thing is that sixteen places are occupied by eight women and eight men from almost all parts of the village. A 50 percent quota for women was achieved for the first time in schlusselfeld on a list for the municipal election.

The applicants have a wide range of professions, so that the fraction can be served with knowledge from construction, care, crafts and industry. Many of the candidates are also active as volunteers. What must a city council be able to do? "Common sense, openness and a certain vision are the best prerequisites for a mandate", the incumbent second mayor patricia hanika replied. Whether she will remain in office will be decided by secret ballot of the new city council. Councilwoman renate gojtka and councilman dieter hofmann run for office again. Both take the work of the city council seriously and in the past have worked with commitment in the parliamentary group and in the committee.

Aschbach city councilor rainer herdegen, who served on the council for 22 years, is no longer standing for election. For many years, he successfully helped shape the city’s development.

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