Spd wants to improve and expand 365-euro-ticket

The SPD district parliamentary group kronach wants to improve the newly created 365-euro-ticket for the new mobility concept in the district and will submit a corresponding application to the county. She is echoing many of the feedbacks from the public, schools and educational institutions.

The SPD also wants the ticket to be available to students attending state-approved schools in the district. Specifically, these are the montessori schools in mitwitz and kronach, whose students have so far been excluded from both the municipal school requirement and free travel to school as well as the new 365-euro ticket.

"In principle, the 365-day ticket for students at state schools from the 11th grade onward. Year and apprentices an excellent thing, which the SPD fully supported in introducing the new mobility concept in the district of kronach", faction chairman timo ehrhardt summed it up. The 365 euros for the annual ticket were significantly lower than the previous co-payment for school travel costs. With the introduction of the ticket, however, the expectation was raised that it could be purchased directly at this price at the beginning of the school or training year. In fact, however, the travel costs, which in some cases exceed 1,000 euros per year, had to be financed in advance by those affected for over a year. "Many families or trainees find it really difficult to raise the money", district councilor sabine gross got to the heart of the matter and reported on numerous feedbacks from the population, for example a heating and air-conditioning company from wallenfels, whose trainees use the public transport system.

That's why the SPD's district council faction is asking the district administration to examine whether the costs can be reimbursed when the ticket is purchased at the beginning of the school year, in order to relieve the burden on families and young people. This would be a step towards more clarity and family-friendliness, says timo ehrhardt. He reported that he had already had positive discussions with the district administrator and the administration, who were trying to find a solution.

The goal is to ensure that the new mobility concept is used as much as possible and that the buses do not drive through the area empty, the SPD faction agreed. For this purpose, the existing difficulties and problems, especially in school traffic, must be eliminated quickly and the advertising for the new lines and the call buses must be intensified. 

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