Stub: rathgeberstrabe proposed as route

The stub (stadt-umland-bahn) association has completed its investigations into a route within the city of herzogenaurach. In the two-way comparison between airport road and rathgeber road, the latter variant prevailed. This is the result of a feasibility study with extensive considerations and evaluations, including the burg proposals that were made during and after a walk-through.
In the end, the decision was based on a list of three options. Areas were considered, such as travel time or frequency of transfers, the operating environment and the routing, the costs and conflicts, but also urban planning arguments were used.

Airport strabe in second place

In a direct comparison, the rathgeber road received 25.5 points, 2.2 points more than the airport road (23.3). A route through the lohhof, on the other hand, came in a distant second with 19.6 points. No further consideration was given to a one-way ring road, which runs along both the airport road and the rathgeber road.
Residents were already informed on wednesday evening. Nearly one hundred interested parties took part in a long but, despite protest posters on the road, harmonious closed-door meeting. Mayor german hacker (SPD) said the result came as little surprise to many of the participants, who had also taken part in the walkabout. Now the planning committee will deal with the matter next tuesday, followed by the city council. Both committees should vote in favor of the proposed route and recommend it to the association meeting for a decision.
Both serious variants had their advantages and disadvantages, explained daniel grobe-verspohl and florian graf from the association together with mayor hacker in a press interview. Another decisive factor against the airport road was that the narrow curves in the lower area were seen as a source of conflict. Graf: "there was a tramway that had to be squeezed in". In terms of cost, this alternative would be slightly more favorable (20.9 million euros), and would also reach more residents. The rathgeberstrabe, on the other hand, is technically easier to do and has a much more relaxed cross-section. The higher costs (22.4 million euros) would be due to the need for a bridge over the aurach river. This alternative also seems better because of the number of users: it leads to the schaeffler-east gate.
The lohhof route, which was also investigated, lies completely outside a road, which is positive, but also too remote. And it would be much more expensive.

Three key points

Mayor hacker again pointed out that there is no need to be afraid of noise. "The new trams are quiet", he said. In addition, the residents of rathgeberstrabe have been promised that the construction of a bypass will ban trucks from their street.
In the result of the comparison of variants, three points are mentioned that were decisive for the decision:
– a possible route with comparatively few technical challenges,
– the possibility of implementing a relatively high proportion of special track body (i.E., above the tram) in the route, thereby ensuring largely stable and low-injury operation, as well as
– a high tapping effect of the passenger potentials.
The most important sentence: "variant 2 (i.E. Rathgeberstrabe) is therefore recommended for consideration in the further planning stages." The airport road remains a possible alternative for the regional planning procedure, but is not recommended.

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