Sublime tone at the end

Sublime tone at the end

The market town of grafengehaig celebrated its 700th anniversary this year with a series of events. Among them were three very different types of music: the music from the renaissance by the concerto bassano ensemble led by hofer rene jampen was old, old and unusual, and the "haberjazzband" was the driving force on the market square and almost sublime the final concert for the community jubilee in the heilig-geist-church.

That the orchestra of the marktleugast music society in particular "and with a large line-up", for the final concert, pastor heidrun hemme printed the poem "joy" from joachim ringelnatz. For ever since she has been in grafengehaig, for nine years, she has hoped that the music association would also play in "our beautiful church" one day."

This was echoed by mayor werner burger, who hoped that the orchestra from the neighboring municipality would one day give concerts on the market square or in the frankenwaldhalle. All in all, burger briefly looked back, the parish anniversary had been celebrated in many different ways.

With this, he expressly thanked volker kirschenlohr, who had organized the festivities and events. Kirschenlohr, in his capacity as chairman of the "concordia" male choral society grafengehaig also "his" the choir was included in the program of the final concert, which in turn contributed four songs – quasi as a counterpoint to the coarse orchestral music.

It was not noticeable that the choir was only half-occupied due to illness. Harald dietzel (also ill) had trained his men well. Under the direction of ludwig beck, the choir contributed calm and well known accents to the concert.

The pieces of the marktleugaster musikverein were wide-ranging – from the programmatic musical picture to the austrian "schlob orth up to a prelude to "we wish you a merry christmas. In between the "nessaja"-song from peter maffay’s children’s musical, the soundtrack to "exodus after henry mancini, the great "nessun dorma" after puccini’s famous aria from turandot as well as a surprising "fanfare, prelude and chorale" to "dear god we praise you".

The orchestra of the marktleugast music society, under the direction of peter weib, once again showed itself to be a very sound-disciplined orchestra, which is by no means a matter of course for an amateur brass ensemble with 32 musicians. The pieces were finely chiseled instrumentally and enveloped the church hall in a sublime sound,


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