Summertime in the spa garden goes down well

Three days of "summertime in the spa garden. Three days of real summer. Three days of music and entertainment, three days of a great atmosphere and on sunday a family party that couldn’t have been better. There one is pleased as an organizer and cure director gunter sauer was accordingly drawn: great.

The three-day vacation party started on friday evening with a sudamerican. The weather, the band and the ambience were perfect and I love the opening event of "summertime im kurgarten" the 750 or so listeners will be treated to a rousing yet cozy experience. The band "los dos y companeros" from amberg offered a great performance driving salsa and merengue in oberpfalz dialect.

The eleven musicians managed the musical balancing act between their native upper palatinate and caribbean-latin american rhythms. With unexpected lassitude, infectious exuberance and an enchanting stage show, the companeros presented a plethora of fresh original compositions as well as the classic cuban traditionals. In their unusual, humorous and self-deprecating lyrics, the troupe played with their experiences from everyday life and interpersonal relationships.

Pep to bad kissingen

19-year-old katharina engel from kissingen said: "i think it’s quite nice. Such an event brings pep to bad kissingen, otherwise there is not much offered here for us young people." Angelika gesche-gessler (unterhaching) praised: "i think it’s great here, the atmosphere is great because the musicians are all in the groove. Atmosphere, light, ambience, everything is very affectionate – simply super."

The spa garden was fenced off with a screen, the stage was covered in colored light, in front of it was a huge flat area for dancing, and only behind it were the benches and beer tent sets. Peter albert from bad kissingen had wished for more bar tables instead of benches: "that would have made the atmosphere even more relaxed. There were several dances. Now 20 listeners dance and 300 watch". Satisfied was spa director gunter sauer: "I think we have for the start already a good audience reception. This sudamerican music is atmospheric. That so many people danced is gratifying. I think that the band selection was very successful for us, which shows the atmosphere."

Aubergine sound experience

two hours full program was indeed an amazing sound experience for the listeners. The conclusion of the evening was the aftershow "fire evening", disc jockey jojo took over in the rossini hall afterwards. From auben almost unnoticed the disco took place there.

Since this event in the program with "arkadenbau" many people thought that it was to be held outdoors and was cancelled. That is why the majority of the visitors went home. Only a few found their way into the hall more or less by chance. "I find the music at the disco and the idea good. However, I was looking forward to the arkaden and now I am in the rossini-saal landed. I’m bothered by the noise and the unimaginative advertising that’s always on the big screen", anna krug from bad kissingen comments. "What is clubbing-weekend in the arkadenbau"? Was just on the screen – who cares if you just want to listen to music and dance. A little less is often more – both in terms of loudness and publicity.


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