Superfood, but regional: grobenseebacher cooks on zdf

"Everyone is already asking me when the cake fight is going to be broadcast", tells julia durrbeck, who took part in the ZDF cooking show. The 27-year-old from grobenseebach is curious to see how things will turn out from monday, 9 a.M. Onwards. March, at 14.30 o'clock, looks. Because she has not yet seen the edited broadcast either. In the meantime, she has come a little closer to her wish to expand her hobby professionally. "In a relatively short time it has now worked out that I have organized my first cooking classes", she tells with a smile on her face. We have now talked to her about the superfood trend.

You do a lot of sport yourself and are very interested in healthy food. What do you think about superfoods??

Julia durrbeck: I think that this trend is being hyped too much. The topic of healthy food is becoming more and more popular, which I find very good. Young people are also cooking more themselves again and paying attention to quality and regionality. In principle, this is also correct and important, but there are many regional alternatives that are in no way inferior to the exotics. But bloggers and influencers are currently hyping the topic of superfoods far too much.

What is superfood?

It is a high quality and healthy food, which is said to be a real "miracle" should bring about. The problem is that there is no scientific evidence of any effect.

What are the disadvantages of highly praised and exotic foods??

On the one hand regional alternatives are already once substantially more careful for the environment, because the transport ways are smaller. Superfoods are usually very expensive and are often processed: the food is dried or additives are added. In the process, valuable ingredients are often lost or sugar is added, for example, to make it taste better. In addition, there are always cases in which pesticides could be found in it.

What alternatives are there?

Well known are for example chia seeds. They can be easily replaced by flax seeds. They can be mixed into musli or used in bread baking. Instead of goji berries you can use black currant and sea buckthorn. They have less calories, but also a lot of vitamin C. Blueberries are a good substitute for acai berries: they also contain antioxidants and iron.

The avocado is also a trendy fruit at the moment, but it consumes a lot of water during cultivation. But walnuts are just as healthy. Instead of quinoa, you can use regional millet or spelt. Both do not have a long transport route, are rich in protein and gluten-free. Instead of pomegranate, which contains a lot of potassium and iron, which is very important for the blood, you can use raspberries, currants or cabbage. I therefore advise people to buy more regionally again and thus make a contribution to the environment and at the same time support regional farms – you don't have to give up superfood because there are great local alternatives. The interview was conducted by theresa schiffl.

Dates for cooking courses:

In her cooking courses, julia durrbeck pays attention to regional products, despite exotic cuisine.


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