Tasked with dissolving the association

Tasked with dissolving the association

After two unsuccessful meetings, at which no new executive committee of the rottershausen association was elected, a new executive committee was elected on 25 june.November a new meeting with new elections, it says in a press release.

The 1. Chairman robert erhard began by outlining the current situation of the community association. If no new management board can be found, the local court will appoint an emergency management board. This could only be prevented by a successful replacement of the executive committee. Erhard himself is no longer available after 27 years in office. Like erhard, mayor franz kuhn also buried a continuation of the association and voiced his support.

Future controversially discussed

The future of the association had already been the subject of controversial discussions at previous meetings and in the town itself. In recent years, the events (carnival dance and kirchweih) were also due to the lack of interest of the population only with mabigem success, and helpers could be found only with difficulty. Against this backdrop, many club representatives spoke out in favor of dissolving the club community. In the event of the dissolution of the registered association, the property, such as the VG hall and gym inventory, will be transferred to the municipality in accordance with the articles of association. Franz kuhn assured that in this case the municipality would continue to make the inventory available to the clubs on loan. The association’s assets were administered by the municipality in accordance with the articles of association and were to be used for charitable purposes in the district of rottershausen.

Forced board of directors averted

The various possibilities were discussed between the representatives of the local associations. A dissolution of the association was finally certain. However, the appointment of a compulsory board by the district court was averted at the last minute when the previous 2. Chairman dieter werner for the post as 1. Chairman declared ready.

The subsequent new election was therefore successful: 1. Chairman dieter werner, 2. Chairman erich werner, treasurer robert seufert, secretary martin staab, treasurer engelbert klein, treasurers alexander herrlein and martin werner.

Immediately after the election, robert erhard took the opportunity to thank everyone for the time they had spent together in the VG. Although it was not possible to please everyone (for example, the choice of bands for dance events), erhard drew a positive conclusion. In the 27 years as chairman of the VG, the VG has always supported the youth (skater track, children’s playground) and done a lot for the village (home festival, dance events, winter at the weeth, preservation of the local image). He thanked his departures and all the clubs for their support.

In the meeting it was unanimously decided by the representatives of the association and the board to instruct the new board to dissolve the association and to continue to work as a loose association in the future. In addition, it was decided that in 2020 the VG will not organize a rose monday and church consecration dance.

Speeches of thanks

Mayor kuhn congratulated dieter werner and the new board of directors after the election. He wished the process of dissolution every success and was pleased that it would not be imposed by third parties. Kuhn thanked robert erhard, who had done a great deal for the community and rottershausen during his many years on the board and who, together with the VG, had also "carried" the village to "auben" have. The local associations joined in this speech of thanks and expressed their great respect for dieter werner for taking on his new post.

Dieter werner thanked robert erhard for 20 years of excellent cooperation and praised the visible successes of the VG in the town. Werner’s decision to resign from the post of 1. It had not been planned to take over the chairmanship. As a "club man however, he wanted to dissolve the VG without an emergency board and thus "save what can be saved".

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