The pond muhle is still doing its job

the pond muhle is still doing its job

"The muhle is rattling, as an old german folk song from the 19th century puts it. Century. And it rattles, the pond muhle, as it always did. When the four-meter-high mill wheel turns, visible from afar, and the two cutters bernhardt lang and bernhard schlee put on their blochers and proudly show off the 110-year-old saw gate to the visitors, the pond muhle is as alive as it was in the old days.

This was also admired by the other deputy of the district administrator, bernd steger (), at this year's mill festival. "I have never been here before, but now I know what I have missed so far", said steger, still quite moved by the impressions. The over 500 year old monument of pond muhle is full of surprises, both for the rough and for the small visitors.

Like bernd steger, everyone could visit the land, from the weir to the information board to the oak waving tree on the access road to the muhle. But the deputy district administrator was particularly impressed by the sparkling clean, renovated muller apartment. Tiny rooms by today's standards, where not only the muller couple but also their often numerous offspring had lived in the past.

"What is still missing is a railroad siding, a platform for the rodachtalbahn", said steger and wanted to take up this point again in the district office.

A jewel
Also this year the visitors of the muhlenfest and all the guests, who come for presentations and visits during the opening hours, could or can convince themselves that the "little gem pond muhle" is in good condition especially from the mill association and thus a real pre-industrial monument has been preserved in the rodach valley.

For the young and young-at-heart guests of the muhlenfest there were also numerous attractions, all somehow related to wood. On the calm water of the muhlbach the whole afternoon was spent with rafting. It went back and forth, and the next ones were already waiting. And if someone got wet, it was not so bad, because with the summer temperatures one was dry again in the twinkling of an eye. In addition, peter schmittnagel had prepared a nature quiz in which there were beautiful (wood) prizes to be won. The wood quiz on the wall of the pond muhle sometimes even trapped the adults, and they had to admit defeat.

It was a pleasant atmosphere when hans spindler showed up in his carriage and invited people to take a ride around the village. The two horses trotted along in comfort, and in the carriage there were children with big googly eyes who could look at the world from a different perspective for once.

Tent service
Already in the morning the marquee service with pastor i. R. Reinhard kube from fischbach took place. The musical organization had taken over the trombone choir heinersberg. An early morning pint with a sausage dinner followed. Sigi winkler was responsible for the afternoon's entertainment with his accordion and well-known local songs.

The chairman of the muhlenverein, michael kestel, was overwhelmed by the rush of festival visitors. "Finally we have some luck and can't complain about the weather. Then the guests will come too, kestel was pleased. Especially he could bury the flobers from unterrodach, wallenfels, neuses and friesen, who had come partly in their costumes.

Second mayor bruno beierlorzer (CSU) was pleased with the good turnout at the traditional mill festival. "The mill association can use every support, and you can see at the pond muhle that every euro is well invested", he stressed.


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