The tsv weitramsdorf is in a state of upheaval

Nearly 60 members attended the general meeting of TSV weitramsdorf at the sports center, including three of the four candidates for mayor. Wolfgang friedrich, in the last year of his more than 40-year term as chairman, reported on a busy and intensive year. The cultural and recreational life of the community is characterized by the "kerwa" and the "doreihnacht", which was held for the second time on a larger scale the association was involved in shaping the project. With over 550 members, the TSV continues to be the largest association in the community.

A problem for the gymnastics department is that the school gymnasium and the equipment stored there are only available to a limited extent. Also, the ban on driving in the school street (access during the day is allowed only for residents) currently complicates the implementation of gymnastics classes. However, TSV is confident that it will find a solution.

The board is working intensively on adapting the club’s internal processes to modern conditions. For example, in addition to IP telephony and internet access (WLAN in the sports center), an office workstation has also been set up. The cashless payment of the "cap payment by EC/credit card or cell phone app in the club’s own sports center is currently being tested. The board of directors is aware that there is still a lot of work and change waiting for the club, but they have decided to continue on this path.

Financially, CFO margit friedrich was able to report, the association is still not on a bed of roses. Jorg bissot gave an overview of the financial flows of the TSV. He said: "in 2019, energy costs (oil and electricity) again burdened the association with more than 15,000 euros. The climate package will cost the association over 1,000 euros more in the first year (and rising), starting in 2021. A new heating system, an energetic renovation or other measures to reduce the financial burden cost a lot of money in the first step, which the association unfortunately cannot get out of the strained petty cash. In addition, there are loan repayments of around 10,000 euros, so that the financial scope of TSV weitramsdorf is somewhat limited."

A rough theme is already emerging now. With the abandonment of the lonely of wolfgang friedrich (chairman) and his wife margit (chief financial officer) will be the rough "stuhlerucken" at the beginning of 2021 pending. Responsibilities have to be reassigned, which will require a great deal of effort, especially in times of upheaval and restructuring. "Quiet posts have to be found elsewhere", according to a statement of the association.

In addition, the association is also looking for an adequate replacement after the death of long-time event manager michael tetzlaff in the fall of 2019. Whether the position can be filled by colleagues who are already active on the board of management or by new recruits will become clear at the next annual general meeting in 2021. It is certain, according to the statement, that the board of management has an ear to the members here. Certainly, one is grateful for every hand that is lifted because someone wants to take over responsibility.

Proposal to the losers

In the speech by jorg bissot, the following suggestion was made to the three mayoral candidates from weitramsdorf who were present in connection with the appointment of the 2021 board positions: "since only one of the four candidates can win, the three losing candidates have time from mid-march and could gladly commit themselves to the board of the TSV weitramsdorf." Whether this offer will be taken up, only time will tell, concludes the report on the TSV general meeting, which ended after two and a half hours with the sportsmen’s grave

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